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Is It A Bad Idea To Replace Fluorescent Tube With LED Integrated Tube?

led integrated tube
led integrated tube
led integrated tube
led integrated tube

Aside from the remarkably cheap price of fluorescent tubes, the US government ban these tubes because of the exposure of mercury in it. Any lighting fixture that contains the mercury in it that lighting fixture would not be used for any space whether its CFLs or fluorescent tubes.

While the quarter of the population has replaced their fluorescent lighting fixtures with the LED Integrated Tubes. Until the stock ran out, the old fluorescents tubes are available at the stores but after it, integrated tubes would be the lighting fixture for most of the people.

Well, replacing an old lighting tube with the LED integrated tube is never being a bad idea for anyone. In this article, we will tell you why you should need to replace a fluorescent tube with an integrated tube?

  • Significance
  • Light Dispersion
  • Housing

These three reasons are enough to make up your mind towards the integrated tube.


With the significant amount of energy consumption, the LED integrated tube has become the most efficient lighting fixture. Integrated tube not just saves energy but also come with the 50,000 hours longer lifespan that increase the operational life of the fixture.

Light Dispersion

A lighting fixture is known for its brightness, but the question is how do you test the brightness of an integrated tube while online shopping. Well, there are such things that you can check before making any decision.

  • Amount Of Light: - Basically, it defines how much brighter you would get from a tube. The amount of light is count in the lumen output, the higher lumen output at low wattage consumption, you would lead to archive brighter light at low energy consumption.

led integrated tube lights

  • Color & Quality: - The lighting fixture seems pointless when it doesn’t have color and quality in the output. To determine the shade of light, must consider CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) it is being calculated in Kelvin, with the day white and cool white light shade, it enlightens the space white tint shade.
  • Beam Angle: - The non-directional lighting output leads to waste of light and energy alike fluorescent tube. LED Integrated Tube comes with the 180-degree beam angle that illuminates the space without wasting lighting output and energy.


The housing of aluminum alloy dissipates heat produced by the LED integrated tube. An aluminum alloy keeps the fixture cool and light in weight. Aluminum is a good thermal conductor that enhance the durability of this integrated tube.


After addressing all the points of LED integrated tube and fluorescent, we don’t think that replacing your current fixture with smart LED lighting technology would be a bad idea for you. If you are thinking about the safety measures of this fixture than let us tell you that it is DLC and ETL certified lighting fixture.

It specifies that the fixture is safe to use, it would perform well after the long working hours and aimed to save energy consistently.

Apart from the integrated tube, we have LED Tube as well that is ballast compatible, ballast bypass, and hybrid LED tube. Both of the fixtures are similar but comes with the different installation process.

If you have any query related to this lighting appliance or any of our LED lighting products. You can directly contact our customer support team. We would happy to serve you help.

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