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It is like, many moons descended on the earth.

led pole lights
led pole lights
led pole lights
led pole lights

Trail of LED Pole Lights is fit for the garden.

In the winters, when the sun is on its way, and the stars are about to say ’goodbye’ and the fog envelops everything, the pristine light of the pole lights creates an illusion of moons on the earth.

Further, when the crimson light, enact as the messenger of the sun, the morning joggers roll down the bedding and march towards the lush green garden to recharge the body with fresh oxygen, these lights go to sleep.

The morning time is always rejuvenating, but in comparison to summer, there is something that makes winters suaver. Call it lush grass or several dew drops on 150 watts LED Pole Light or chirping of innocuous birds, yes everything is inexplicable.

LED Pole Lights, make winter mornings poetic. And in the evenings when the sun packs its bag for its home, the trail of LED Pole Light makes a garden safe and secure for the visitors.           

Not being too poetic, I must say without LED Pole Light, you find everything in the garden, except security. It is really tough to relish ice cream under the pitch dark sky.

Sometimes back parking authorities used to install conventional halogen lights, but nowadays superior features of pole lights have made them a better option. Want to know, what makes LED Pole Light 150 watt so deserving? Check these facts.     

  • LED Pole Light consumes mere 12 watts, whereas halogen bulbs consume 70 watts.
  • LED Pole Lights have 25 times more capacity than an ordinary street light.   
  • Simple garden light has a detrimental effect on animals. Studies show LED Pole Lights attract fewer insects in comparison to an street lights.
  • LED Pole Light comes in various colors and wattage viz. Bronze, Grey, Black, Silver. Wattage: 35, 55, 150 and so on.

Types of LED Pole Lights

Yard light

Slip Fitter Mount

Direct Mount

Yoke Mount

Universal Mount

LED Post Top Light

LED Solar Street Light

Other superior features of LED Pole Light

These lights are UL/DLC certified

They are IP65 rated, so they can brave bad climatic conditions.

These luminaries consume 80% less energy

Its design facilitates excellent heat dissipation   

Where else you can install LED Pole Light 150 watt?    

One can install LED Pole Lights on the periphery of stadiums or around walkways or near fuel stations  


These lights provide security and safety. In case you are a builder or a constructor and looking for sophisticated designs for street lights, then you can talk to our customer care executive.        

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