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LED Cooler Tubes for your deep freezers and cold storage.

led cooler tube
led cooler tube
led cooler tube
led cooler tube

Have you ever visited ice cream factories? What lures you in these factories? The smell of essence or elephant size refrigerators, where these ice creams are stored and packed.

Honestly, tell us what comes to your mind, when you see beams of sleek LED cooler tubes make succulent ice creams more delicious. Tasty ice creams draped in yellow, pink, purple, indigo and red colors become the feast for the eyes, isn’t it?

You can see these tubes not only in cold storage godown but also in supermarkets and hypermarkets. Leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, ice creams and ready to eat snacks, all are stored in good quantity in these markets. Not to mention, without deep refrigerators and transparent door fridge, it is a herculean task to secure and procure these products.

If we keep refrigerators superior technology aside, LED cooler tubes play a pivotal role in storage. Want to know how? Just follow this write up        

Sleek and slim tubes come in myriad size and shape. LED cooler tubes can withstand freezing temperature and that makes them the perfect replacement for fluorescent lights.  

These tubes disperse uniform light. The products actual condition becomes clearly conspicuous because of smart LED cooler tubes.

led cooler tube

These tubes don’t convert much of energy into heat, so prudent shopkeepers prefer LED cooler, in comparison to fluorescent lights.

Needless to mention, LED cooler tubes have a good lifespan in comparison to conventional fluorescent lights and this durability makes them suitable for cold storage.

With a simple hook up plug, tubes can easily fit in the application, giving good freedom to light up the product.

Tubes are environment-friendly, so when you install them in deep freezers, forget ultraviolet rays. And that’s not all. With the help of automatic dimmers, you can easily change their brightness level.

These tubes come in 4,5 and 6ft, so you always have options in your hand. Shopkeepers and cold storage owners can pick these tubes as per their need.

What else makes these cooler tubes suitable?

T8 5ft LED cooler tubes can easily work at low temperature.

These tubes have polycarbonate finishing and because of that, they can withstand external tampering.

Cooler tubes easily replace 80 watts fluorescent light.

LED tubes are DLC approved, so you definitely enjoy a good rebate.  


If you run cold storage or sell frozen food and want to know how you can accentuate your profits by installing LED cooler tubes, then you can garner more information from our website or talk to our executive on the toll-free number. 

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