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LED DownLights, To Impart A New Look To Your Home

led downlights
led downlights
led downlights
led downlights

Your home is the one place from where you collect the daily dose of energy. It is one place where you celebrate all the great moments of life. To infuse positive energy in your homes, you do what not, and this also includes state-of-the-art lighting. Yes, you pick the best downlights to beautify your home. We know your impeccable taste come handy while selecting the best of downlights still, one percent choices can baffle you. Never mind! You can either talk to lighting veteran for apt advice or read this excerpt word for word for suitable guidance.  

Recessed LED Downlights

These lights are sleek and sophisticated, and this makes them perfect for modern homes.

4-inch Dimmable LED Downlights

These downlights easily beat conventional lights in terms of energy efficiency and light distribution. The baffling trimming design of this light is the most popular designs.

LED Downlights

5-6 inch Dimmable LED Downlights

15 watts dimmable LED light easily replace 100 watts halogen light. These lights cut power bill by 88% which is good energy saving.   

4-inch Dimmable LED square Downlights

This ideal recessed retrofit downlight conveniently replaces traditional light to provide a wide beam angle. And that’s not all, with excellent CRI, these lights facilitate awesome view.

Now understand types of Downlights: There are various types of downlights, viz. Accent, Uniform, and Task lights

There are special types of LED downlights used to illuminate paintings and photographs. These downlights are known as accent lights. These lights work better in bigger spaces.

Busy spaces in homes like the kitchen need a uniform pattern of lights. These specific lights are called uniform lights.   

Lights installed in a bedroom, bathroom, and cabinet are known as task lights. These lights can be installed above the bathroom mirror so that a person can do his shave easily. One can also install these lights above the bed


Nothing comes free of cost in this world. While investing your hard earned money on these lights, you must be aware of their usage. In case you have certain doubts about light’s design, shape, prize, wattage, and lumen then don’t slide the question under the carpet rather you can have a conversation with our customer care executive.  

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