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LED Linear High Bay Lights, Perfect for Warehouse and Godown

led linear high bay lights
led linear high bay lights
led linear high bay lights
led linear high bay lights

These sophisticated sleek and smart lights are environment-friendly

Linear High Bay lights are designed for warehouse and industrial lighting where the height of storage racks hinders and waste the light. The fixture is a rectangular shape, so light beams are also rectangular pattern. Now, the question is, why and how are these lights perfect for warehouse?

The warehouse has a lot of rectangular racks

The warehouse is inundated with rectangular racks, these racks need light whose beam fall uniformly everywhere, and there is no better option than Linear High Bay Fixtures.

Passage needs lights that do not leave shadows

The walking passage in the warehouse is quite narrow, movement isn’t easy going. Conventional lights might illuminate the path, but they will not be as effective as Linear High Bay Fixtures.   

Lights are environment-friendly

Linear High Bay Fixtures are environment- friendly, so these lights will not leave any harmful effect on bodies and mind. Yes, warehouse owners can install these lights without thinking about its repercussions.

Better than conventional lights

LED Linear High Bay Lights are better than conventional lights, how?

  • High bay consumes less power
  • It has a good lifespan
  • Linear High Bay Lights have better CRI
  • Bay Lights need less maintenance

Bay lights can be easily mounted

Where mounting conventional lights is cumbersome, just reverse to it, one can effortlessly mount Linear High Bay Lights, yes, one does not require heavy cranes to mount these lights.

Better than Halide lighting fixture

165 watts LED High Bay Light generates brightness equal to 400 watts Halide  light, which means, one can easily save 180 watts power.  

How are LED Bay Lights better than conventional lights?  

When we introspect, two things give Linear Bay lights edge over conventional lights.

  • Conventional lights are not effective in terms of Lumen produced and wattage consumed.
  • Another big disadvantage is, conventional lights become hot instantly, that means if there are combustible products in the warehouse they are at risk

New innovations make old products outdated. Before Linear High Bay lights,  Metal Halide lights were in vogue. Later on, Bay lights changed the whole scenario.

Linear High Bay Light


When we think about futuristic warehouse lighting solutions, LED Linear High Bay Lights come to our mind. We pick these lights not because they can be easily installed, or they consume less energy but for their uniform lighting. These lights are available in various sizes, in case you have any query related to them kindly post it on our website.  
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