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LED Linear High Bay Lights, Play A Pivotal Role For Warehouse

led linear high bay lights
led linear high bay lights
led linear high bay lights
led linear high bay lights

Warehouses are inevitable part of supply chain. No supply chain is complete without warehouses. Once products come out of the manufacturing unit, they are stored in gigantic warehouses.

It won’t be exaggeration to say, these warehouses are the second home for the products. Entrepreneurs who deal in logistics business, know maintenance of this mammoth place is a herculean task. From forklifts to product coding devices to heavy cartons to the state-of-the-art cameras to lighting fixtures, everything needs good care.

In case you are planning to own a warehouse or cold storage, then, we would like to suggest, besides good packaging, smart lighting fixtures also enhance safety of products. Ignoring good lighting might not bring immediate loses but its repercussion is always bad.

Now the big question is, how can we improve lighting in warehouses or cold storage?

Warehouse and cold storage have many racks, while picking lights for these racks, keep in mind lighting pattern. Like you can install LED LINEAR HIGH BAY LIGHTS to illuminate the passage near the racks.

led linear high bay lights

We can’t imagine the warehouse without forklifts. Adequate light is must for smooth maneuvering of these toy-ish vehicles, once again we suggest, besides big UFO BAY LIGHTS you should install LED LINEAR HIGH BAY LIGHTS.  

What makes LED HIGH BAY LIGHTS to stand out?

  • LED LINEAR HIGH BAY LIGHTS are excellent for warehouses and commercial units with 15 to 25 ft. ceiling height
  • These lights can be easily mounted. One doesn’t need heavy cranes to mount these lights.
  • 165 watts LED HIGH BAY LIGHTS are as good as 400 watts Haldite light, which means LED saves more than 180 watts.        
  • Its 110-degree beam angle makes things clearly visible. Light doesn’t scatter but falls on the product and surroundings.
  • These lights are IP65 rated, that means their beams will not get distorted because of moisture, dust or cobwebs
  • These lights come with UL and DLC certificate, which also means warehouse managers can bank upon these lights.

How are LED BAY LIGHTS are better than Halogen lights? 

When we introspect the fall of halogen lights, two factors contributed to its fall.

Halogen isn’t all that effective in terms of Lumen produced and wattage consumed.

Another big disadvantage of halogen lights is, they become hot instantly that means if there are combustible products in the warehouse they are at risk

New innovations make old products outdated and obsolete, If we talk about halogen lights and fluorescent bulbs they have become past. In contemporary times, LED lights are ruling in every zone, don’t go by our words, you can view the graph.

Conclusion: When we think of futuristic lighting solutions for warehouses and cold storage LED LINEAR BAY LIGHTS comes to our mind. Available in 4ft and 2ft,  these lights are not only easy to install but also good power saver. If you have any query or want to know more about their application, then, just visit

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