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LED Tube vs LED Integrated Tube

LED Tube vs LED Integrated Tube
LED Tube vs LED Integrated Tube
LED Tube vs LED Integrated Tube
LED Tube vs LED Integrated Tube

In the new generation of energy efficient lighting fixture, many commercial and residential spaces are switching their metal halide, fluorescent, HID fixtures, and CFLs to the LED lighting fixtures.

LED Lighting fixtures have set new lighting standards in the market although they are little costly in their cost. It has seems that many companies and residential areas are buying it for future energy saving.

But the main question is which tube is right for you, LED Tube or LED Integrated Tube?

LED Tube

What is LED Tube?

LED Tube is an LED indoor lighting fixture. This fixture is typically designed to replace the fluorescent tubes. This tube can easily compatible with the ballast, ballast bypass, and hybrid.

P.S. If you have a ballast compatible tube than you can bypass the ballast easily. To get the full procedure just Click Here

This fixture gives you the freedom to choose the reliable size and with very easy to install at your application area. It comes with the plug and plays option where you need to retrofit the tube to your old ballast and the tube will work fine.

LEDMyplace offers clear and frosted tube which emits the high lumen output. It comes with the two pin types double pin and single pin tubes. Before you decide, keep in mind that the beam angle of this LED Tube can be challenging.

LED Integrated Tube

What is LED Integrated Tube?

An LED Integrated Tube comes with an attractive slim and sleek V shape design which is different from LED Tube and any other fluorescent tube. The special design of this tube helps to illuminate wide space because of its ultra-wide beam angle.

The installation process of this fixture is quite easy although the fixture is quite costly. The varieties of color temperature which illuminate the space with the dazzling lights. Most of the time, this tube installed on the ceiling to illuminate the space at a new angle and in a wide way.

What is Common in LED Tube and LED Integrated Tube?

There are few things which are common in both the fixtures such as the color temperature, lumen output, and sizes.

The fixture design and it’s installation process create the differences between the LED Tube and LED Integrated Tube. Although every feature is the same. Both the fixtures are DLC listed which specifies that you are eligible for rebate and incentive.

What One Do You Need?

As the features of both the fixtures are different, you need to choose the LED lighting fixture as per your requirement and option. Explore your options in our selection of LED Indoor Lights. Which type of fixture do you prefer? Leave your opinion and requirements in the comment section below.

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