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LED Lighted Vanity Mirror FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

LED Vanity Mirror FAQs
LED Vanity Mirror FAQs
LED Vanity Mirror FAQs
LED Vanity Mirror FAQs

The primary purpose of the LED lighted mirrors is to imitate the natural light for the bathroom interiors and help you see yourself with clarity. Therefore, it is beneficial when performing routine tasks such as applying makeup, etc. In addition, LED mirrors provide adequate illumination to women to carry out their beautification routine. 

Having a well-lit bathroom mirror also instills peace and relaxation. In addition, the mirrors give an impactful transformation to the bathroom space. In this blog, we would like to focus on some frequent questions and try to answer them.

Define “Lumens” and “Watts” for LED Lighted vanity mirrors?

“Lumens” and “Watts”

Bright lighting is all about lumens. The standard definition of Lumens is the total amount of visible light reaching the human eye from a light source. 

Watts is used to measure the energy consumption by the fixture. One watt amount to a small amount of power. Remember, Watt is the amount of energy consumed, and the fixture’s brightness is measured by Lumens. 

Each light in your bathroom must aid your visibility. If there are seniors inside the house, then you should consider better lumen and wattage capacity. 

Comparison between LED lights and incandescent bulbs


Incandescent lights 

LED lights
















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Do LED bathroom mirrors deliver enough light to the bathroom space?

LED mirrors deliver optimal brightness for the person to finish his daily tasks. The illumination is diffused and projects straight forward from the frosted glass to the front and does not intend to project to the room’s corners.

Our premium range of LED Vanity mirrors comes with double the brightness output, and the power consumption is also less than standard lights. The clients can also install compatible dimmers to regulate the brightness of the LED mirrors. 

We also advise installing additional LED sconces or pendants to provide excellent task lighting for the bathroom space. 

What color temperature is recommended for the LED mirrors?

Mostly, the LED mirrors come with a color temperature ranging from 3000K to 6000K (Kelvins). The absolute color scale is measured in Kelvins (K) on a scale of 1000 to 10,000. When you choose a specific look and feel for your space, 

3000K lights deliver a “warmer” temperature, which is helpful when you have softer lighting conditions inside your bathroom. The “cool white” (6000K) provides ambient brightness to the bathroom space. The CCT remembrance function can recall the temperature you have set in for better functionality.

What is the recommended color rendering index (CRI) for your bathroom space?

It is a good idea to understand the CRI requirements for your bathroom space. The numbers do indicate how accurate the colors look under different lighting conditions.

Light fixtures with a CRI range of 85 or more are considered a better choice for bathroom space. 

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What is the operating temperature range for the LED mirrors? 

Our premier range of LED mirrors can operate between 0 to 120 degrees. However, the LED mirrors are not designed to work outdoors. 

Our mirrors are available with defoggers to withstand the steamy conditions of the bathroom and remain moisture-free. 

What are the standard certifications required for LED bathroom mirrors?

The mirrors come with standard ETL certifications, which mention that the product is safe to use and comply with the universal safety standards set by ETL. 

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