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Why You Need an Lighted Vanity Mirror Today?

LED Vanity Mirror
LED Vanity Mirror
LED Vanity Mirror
LED Vanity Mirror

Modern establishments need modern lighting fixtures like the LED Vanity mirrors which have the capability to enhance the ambiance of any bathroom, room, or a beauty salon.

The luxurious design combined with the energy-saving LED lights make it more appealing and modern making it desirable in any residential or commercial space.

LED lighted mirrors provide an outstanding experience inside dressing rooms, bathrooms, or any such space where anyone could just stop and make quick touch-ups on their makeups or check their outfit. 

Having the capacity to be mounted horizontally or vertically, these mirrors make for the perfect solution for all your mirror lighting needs. 

According to reports from various researches, the light produced from LED lights is way more eco-friendly than other traditional lighting technologies. This is because LED lights convert 95% of the energy consumed into light while losing just 5% of the electricity as heat. 

Here are the reasons why you should consider using Lighted Vanity Mirrors

A High CRI: Having a color rendering index of more than 90, these vanity mirrors, render colors which are near-perfect. This gives you precise control over your looks and helps you get that perfect touch-up every time. 

Multiple CCTs: Having the capacity to be set in multiple color temperatures, these mirrors give you the ability to check your outfit under multiple different lighting conditions giving you the access to a wide array of options. 

CCT Remembrance: LED Vanity mirrors have the feature of remembering the last used color temperature and start at the same thus saving you the trouble of setting the color temperature each time you switch the mirror on. 

High Lumen output: A high lumen output, such as these mirrors give, is perfect for applying makeup, shaving, grooming, and more! 

Inbuilt defogger: LED bathroom mirrors come with an inbuilt defogger, This feature is instantly used after hot showers, with this amazing feature you don’t have to wipe the fog off your mirrors, the in-built defogger will do it for you. 

Worth Your Buy…

Getting dressed and groomed is not more a boring practice, with LED Vanity Mirrors even mundane tasks like dressing up can become exciting with the right lights. Get dressed in style with the new range of mirrors and replace your old mirrors with LED mirrors with lights.

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