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LED Vanity Mirror & Its Benefits

LED Vanity Mirrors can enhance the ambiance of any bathroom, room or a beauty salon. The luxurious design with eco-friendly and energy saving LED lights makes it more appealing and modern making it applicable to any residential or commercial space.

LED lighted mirrors to provide an experience inside dressing rooms, bathrooms or any such space where anyone could just stop and make quick touch-ups on their makeups or check their dressing.

These mirrors can be mounted vertically or horizontally, the way you want it. Still thinking about getting one for you?

Let’s see the benefits of LED Vanity mirror below…

  • Energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Design and Ambiance
  • The extraordinary quality of lighting
  • Inbuilt defogger

Energy-efficient LED lighting

U.S. Department of Energy states that the LED lighting industry also has a heat production advantage compared to other forms of lighting. Incandescent bulbs release 90% of their energy as heat. Even CFLs release about 80% of their energy as heat. LED lights release just 12% of their energy as heat.

Considering the fact that LED lighting is the future until a better technology comes in as competition, LED lights not only save energy and money but also it helps the environment. LED lights don’t use any harmful elements like mercury or lead.

LED lights to consume up to 60% energy than fluorescent lights and provides better brightness and lesser heat comparatively.

Design and Ambiance

LED Vanity Mirrors comes in different shapes and sizes and can be mounted in any direction. Because the vanity functionality of the lighting is installed within the mirror, lighted mirrors replace the vanity fixture usually installed above the mirror. This allows for more potential storage space for bathrooms that are tight on space. It adds a touch of luxury to the space making it more appealing and attractive.

At LEDMyplace, we currently have these LED lighted mirrors in 4 different sizes - 24x36 Inches, 36x36 Inches, 36x48 Inch & 22 Inches.

Furthermore, who wouldn’t like to add some glamour to their house or hotel without redecorating or spending a fortune?

The extraordinary quality of lighting

LED lights come in different color temperatures and it makes it choose the ideal color for a particular application.

Apart from lumens and color temperature, the quality of the light depends on the color rendering index of the light. LED Vanity mirrors have 90+ CRI, this means they can produce lighting that is closer to true white light produced by the sun and provide a high level of brightness.

This type of lumen output is perfect for applying makeup, shaving, grooming, and more! White light also keeps clothes, makeup colors, etc., true to their actual colors—no need to worry about yellowing from lighting with warmer color temperatures.

Inbuilt defogger

LED bathroom mirrors by LEDMyplace come with inbuilt defogger, This feature is instantly used after hot showers, with this feature you don’t wait or wipe off the mirror to let the fog go out.

These lighted mirrors heat up at constant temperature and remove the fog from the mirror.


LED Vanity Mirror is one of the highly requested lighting category by our customers at LEDMyplace. We have seen a significant change in the ambiance of the indoor spaces of our customers.

Are you looking forward to buying LED Vanity Mirrors for your space?

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