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5 Things You Should Always Keep In Mind While Shopping For Lighted Vanity Mirrors

lighted vanity mirrors
lighted vanity mirrors
lighted vanity mirrors
lighted vanity mirrors

Everything thing in your home manifests your thinking. Like, wonderful washroom in your home might be your favorite place. Don’t take me as a maverick, there are people, in fact, sophisticated class believes their opulent washroom is their precious space. From morning newspaper to peppy music to classic novels, everything begins and culminates in their bathroom. 

You take these washroom obsessed people to the shopping and you find them searching perfumed toiletries or awe-inspiring Lighted Vanity Mirrors. Yes, there are people who have an obsession with good looks, which is not bad. 

We must not forget, our looks are our first introduction. Perhaps that’s why people with beauty and brains enjoy more respect in comparison to those who are only brains. Now the question is, once you have a good shower or wear balanced makeup, who is going to give you marks? Obviously, you can’t put somebody on salary to decide this. 

Only the apt judge could be your vanity mirror. The state-of-the-art light mirror can evaluate your looks like no other. Now the simple question is, should we keep certain things in mind while picking or installing LED Vanity Mirror?

The answer to this question is, yes, we should follow 5 things while selecting the mirror. 
lighted vanity mirror

The mirror should match with washroom tiles

Picking beautiful light mirror isn’t a tricky thing. But while picking an exquisite mirror, don’t ignore your washroom walls or tiles. Yes, your bathroom mirror must be in sync with washroom walls. 

Position of the mirror 

The next big question is, where are you going to put this mirror? Are you going to install on the wall near the bathtub or the wall across the Bath Tub or just next to the wash basin? Decide it before buying, so that once you purchase it, then you don’t have to go through crying over spilled milk like situation.  

Washroom Size

The third most important thing is the shape. Pick shape according to your bathroom’s size. If your bathroom is spacious, then you can choose a rectangular shape, and if it is small, then square and circle shape mirrors are the best one.

Defogger inevitable

Before purchasing a light mirror, do check it must have inbuilt defogger. 

Day & Night sensors

Last, not the least try to buy the mirror with automatic day and night sensors, it helps in conserving energy.

There isn’t an iota of doubt mirrors with LED light help in spotting even the tiniest flaw. If you are a theatre actor, or modal or Hollywood’s known face, then technologically advanced mirrors are a blessing for you. Now let us find out how these mirrors are above the rest.  

Vanity Mirror’s Inimitable Features

  • LED mirrors facilitate high-quality reflection.
  • The mirror comes with a waterproof internal driver.
  • Light embedded in the mirror has excellent CRI.
  • LED Vanity Mirrors come with inbuilt defogger, that means you don’t need tissues to clear its surface.
  • Light on the edges is environment-friendly, this light doesn’t have toxic chemicals viz. Mercury or Lead.
  • Light in the mirror comes with on & off switch, that means in the day when the sun is at its peak, you can put light to rest.  
  • Mirror’s 50000 hours lifespan gives one more reason to install this mirror.


The market is inundated with beautiful LED mirrors. If you are planning to invest in the LED mirror with impeccable light, then do not ignore things we have discussed. 

In case you have your own set of questions, then you can have a conversation with our customer care executive or visit,  
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