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Linear High Bay, Makes Hypermarkets More Dazzling

led linear high bay lights
led linear high bay lights
led linear high bay lights
led linear high bay lights

Nowadays hypermarkets are in vogue. These shopping venues facilitate all products under one roof. Not to mention, colorful packing, designer trolleys, adorned windows and mesmerizing lights, yes, all things draw customers’ attention.  

You must be wondering, why I am talking about lights? It is because, without radiant lights, even the most wonderful product won’t able to attract customers. 

Here we would like to mention when the aluminum coating LED Linear High Bay Lights mounted on ceilings, they enhance products’ appeal beyond imagination. 

Linear High Bay & Supermarket

Supermarket and convenience stores are the apt destination to purchase utility products. These stores have open racks, where products are immaculately displayed. Sometimes to lure customers, shop owners apply myriad tricks. Like, putting foam tiger on real apples or toy birds perching on chocolates. Now, when the light falls on these toys, suddenly these racks become treat for the eyes.

Impeccable Features 

Lights shed uniform light. 

Lights can be easily mounted. 

One doesn’t need heavy machines to mount Linear High Bay. 

Lights are a good energy saver.        

110 -degree beam angle makes things visible. 

These lights are IP65 rated, that means fixture will not get affected by moisture, dust or cobwebs

Lights come with UL and DLC certificate.

Linear High Bays & Conventional Lights  

Conventional lights aren’t energy save. They are far behind in terms of Lumen and Wattage. 

Another big disadvantage of conventional lights is, they become hot instantly. That means if there are combustible products in the store, there is a good risk.


Shop owners splurge a lot of money on brands, racks, and display, if they apply the same intelligence while picking lights, they might enjoy better gains. Here we have elucidated a few features of LED Linear High Bay, in case you want to know more about these fixtures, visit ledmyplace.
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