New Arrivals: LED Lighting Fixtures

New Arrivals: LED Lighting Fixtures

LEDMyplace is proud to announce the three new lighting devices which lighten your spaces such as kitchen, bathroom, rooms, and much more. We always keep updating our range with new LED lighting devices.

On this upcoming summer season buy these freshly manufactured ranges of product which illuminate the space with quality light and reduce your lighting bills by 75% and save money on it. Here is the list of new arrival products:

  • Mirror Light
  • Strip Light
  • LED Mushroom Flush Mount

List of New Products

Mirror Lights: This lighting fixture has been manufactured for the bathroom space, this fixture called as  LED Vanity Mirrors. These fixtures have smooth and classy in the style which trims the lighting bill by 80 to 90% and allows you to save money on it. It offers the impeccable reflection of yourself shows the imperfections of your skin.

The great feature of this lighting device is the CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) changer with remembrance. Anybody can change the color temperature from 3000K to 6000K. In other words, you can change the white tint of this lighting device from warm white light to cool white light and remember the settings. It sets the color choice according to your mood.

This fixture can clean itself with the amazing feature of in-built defogger. Just like every LED Lighting devices, these vanity mirrors also have a long lifespan with low-cost maintenance.

Strip Light: The strip lights are meant to highlight the infrastructure of a building or any objects. This lighting device comes with the 80+ CRI (Color Rendering Index) and variant color temperature range 6500K (cool white light), 4000K (natural white light), 3000K (warm white light), UV, Blue Green, Ice Blue, Red, Yellow, and Tunable White which emits the perfect lighting to the surface.

With the 180-degree ultra wide beam angle, these  LED Strip Lights illuminate the space with quality light. We have three different types of strip lights:

  • Single Color LED Strip Lights: This light is especially for indoor & outdoor space usages such as windows and cabinet. It can be installed by removing its 3M adhesive tape from behind and fix it to the surface.
  • RGB LED Strip Lights: This fixture work best at the indoor & outdoor spaces. This light comes in three different color variants red, green, and blue.
  • Waterproof LED Strip Lights: You can install this strip light outdoor as well because of the IP68 ratings. An IP68 rated product protect the fixture against water and dust.
  • Weatherproof LED Strip Lights: No matter how the weather is going to be tough, this lighting fixture can protect itself from bad weather conditions. To identifies this feature in your fixture, look for the IP65 ratings. The IP65 rated product can operate in the weather of -13° F TO +113° F easily.

LED Mushroom Flush Mount: This lighting fixture is the most attractive lighting fixture because of its amazing and unique design. It is especially for indoor ceiling space like the dining room, kitchen, room and much more. With the 50,000 hours lifespan, this fixture requires low maintenance cost. You can set the lighting output with the dimmer from 0V to 10V vice versa.

It can be installed on the ceiling of indoor space. The available color temperature of this fixture is 3000K (warm white light), 4000K (natural white light), and 5000K (day white light) which illuminates the perfect lighting for indoor space.


These three new arrival lighting devices are the best at saving power consumption. To know more about the new product, feel free to contact us via call or live chat with the LED experts or customer support executive team. We are happy to assist you.


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