How LED Light Mirrors Are Lending A New Look To Washrooms?

How LED Light Mirrors Are Lending  A New Look To Washrooms?

Have you ever got an opportunity to stay in the five-star hotel? If yes, what fascinated you most? Here we are not talking about ambiance, as we all know these hotels have mesmerizing ambiance. If you say  ‘washrooms’ I completely agree with your taste.

Opulent 5-star hotels certainly have larger than life washrooms. These hotels want to leave an indelible impression on their guests, so they put everything grand and tech-friendly. Like, motion sensor faucets, oversized bathtubs, and awe-inspiring LED Mirrors.

Mirrors? Yes, exquisite mirrors enrich the looks of bathrooms.  When you see your reflection in these mirrors, you look no lesser than Greek God. 

In case you are part of the modeling world or an established actor, you need this highly advanced mirror so that your makeup won’t go wrong. 

Now the big question is, why LED Vanity Mirrors, and not the simple one? And what features give a Vanity edge over simple mirrors. 

Simple mirrors come in brass, iron and plastic frames. These mirrors  don’t have a flawless coating. In fact, there are lots of imperfection and distortion in the reflection. 

How LED Mirrors are special, what makes them so unique? 

LED Vanity Mirrors are unique in many ways. The glare-free mirror comes in a polished chrome finish. Not to mention, two vertical lights embedded behind the minimalist frame create a pleasant view. 

The mirror features a band of frosted lights around the border. LED Mirror’s uniqueness doesn’t end here, defogger, anti-corrosion, touch screen interface, and energy efficiency are some of the other distinct qualities that make LED Vanity, next-generation mirrors.  

Mirrors and Washroom Style

Round shape mirrors are perfect if your washroom is rectangular or square.  

Gold frame mirrors are perfect for casual washrooms.

Frameless mirrors are best for contemporary washrooms.

Ornate mirrors are best for room size washrooms.

Triptych mirrors are best for Hollywood style washrooms.

Beautiful Vanity Mirrors bring loads of compliments

Suave LED Mirrors elucidate your royal taste. When you install these unique mirrors in your washroom, visitors and guests go through an inexplicable bathing experience 

More inimitable features

  • High-quality reflection.
  • Excellent CRI.
  • Environment-Friendly.
  • Simple On & Off touch buttons.  
  • Waterproof Internal Driver.
  • +50000 hours lifespan.


Reflection is important in life. It helps in chalking out weakness. Vanity mirrors not only enhance confidence but also shows flaws. These mirrors are extraordinary, and this statement does not need any testimony. When you go through mirrors bewitching features, you already know they are masterpieces.     

If you are planning to buy a Vanity Mirror for your washroom and looking for useful information, just click LEDMyplace

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