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Some Features You May Not Know About LED Integrated Tube

For a form of technology that still LED lighting has come with some new feature that you might be unaware of it. As the technology is growing rapidly, it is quite difficult to be updated every time. That’s why we are here to spread some latest updates about the LED Integrated Tube.

In this blog post, we will tell you some updates about the integrated tube.

  • Heat Sink
  • Ultra Wide Beam Angle
  • Installation Process
  • Light Quality
  • Fixture Component

We are already aware of some features of the integrated tube such as energy consumption, longer lifespan, instant on, and much more but do youreally think LED is just about to save energy. Metaphorically YES!!!, but LEDs are more than that.

Heat Sink: - Firstly, if we see the usage of the lighting in commercial, residential, and industrial space, we know the importance of lighting in these particular sectors. We use lighting on a daily basis and can’t work without it.

Heavy usage could heat the fixture quickly but with the LED Integrated Tube, it will not heat up after the long operational hours. With the thermal heat sink dissipation, the lighting wouldn’t heat after the heavy usage.

Ultra Wide Beam Angle: - Also, an ultra wide beam angle fixture would illuminate the space on a wide scale. The 180-degree beam angle tube is used for the general lighting for a broad room with the low ceiling.

LED Integrated Tube

Installation Process: - If you want to install the LED Integrated Tube by yourself then this integrated tube would be an ideal fixture. It comes with the plug and plays installation process. You just need to connect them with the power supply by using a plug and if you want to connect another integrated tube with it, you can do that by using connecting cable cord.

This installation process has recently added to this fixture so that an operator could install the fixture by self.

Light Quality: - As compared with the fluorescent tubes, LED integrated tue has far better lighting quality. With the day white and cool white light color shade, the fixture brightens up space perfect white tint.

Apart from the light shade, it is also important to check the amount and quality of the light. To check the amount of the light outcome, you need to ensure that you’ll get high lumen outcome at low wattage consumption. With the 80+ CRI (Color Rendering Index), it enhances the quality of light and shows the true color of the object.

Fixture Component: - We have upgraded the fixture’s components to make the light source more durable and long lasting. With the aluminum housing, it makes the fixture light in weight. Alike fluorescents, LED integrated tube doesn’t contain any hazardous component in the manufacturing of fixture.

These are the all-new features of LED Integrated Tube that most of the people many not aware of it.

Clear Your Doubts

If you have any doubts related to LED Integrated Tube or any lighting fixture, you can contact us without any hesitation. We would be happy to serve you help.

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