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The Logical Take: Beauty Salons and LED Vanity Mirrors

The Logical Take: Beauty Salons and LED Vanity Mirrors
The Logical Take: Beauty Salons and LED Vanity Mirrors
The Logical Take: Beauty Salons and LED Vanity Mirrors
The Logical Take: Beauty Salons and LED Vanity Mirrors

In a world where new technologies are a constant, any business that is not open to new ideas and beautiful changes can find it hard to survive. For instance, there are more than 289,277 beauty salons across the country. Do you think all of them enjoy the same profits? What differences do you think can be the reason for some salons doing better business than others? Is it their service, the charges, or the ambiance that they provide?

Of course, the performance and profitability of a salon will, to a great extent, depend upon its service quality. Nobody wants to revisit a beauty salon that offers poor service. (Unless it is someone who wants to shoot a “worst salon ever video!”) 

Talking about the money a salon charges is like bargaining with a dentist. Who would go to a dentist without knowing the fee? Well, it would be the same person who bargains for getting done the eye-brows. :D Also, the charges set by a salon are parallel with the quality of the service; or at least they should be!

Ambiance, too, plays a vital role in influencing a customer’s decision- making process. People like clean and well-lit salons over those that are shabby and under-lit. If you are a customer who goes to a beauty salon regularly, you’ll relate to the information.

In case you are someone who owns a beauty salon, pay heed to what we have to say. (or write!) The quality of your work will surely help make many customers. You may even find yourselves increasing the prices of a few services after a couple of years into the business. Yet, what you must know is that setting up the perfect ambiance can help increase the number of customers you have with many folds. 

How can you set up the perfect salon ambiance?

Lights, fragrances, and a welcoming crew is all you need to set the perfect ambiance in your salon. Using the right lights has always been the key that attracts people. When customers pop in, make sure you welcome them with pleasant fragrances. Afterward, let the most compassionate and joyful crew members pamper the customers. Doing so, you will ensure that a customer keeps coming back to your salon.

What was that about the lights again? 

The amount of light striking an object defines how clear one can see it. If the light is too dull, nothing will look good. Dull lights can never render crisp images. Thus, it can be a problem while providing services that need precision. (such as make-up, eye-brows, etc.) 

Where should you put the lights?

Everywhere. Yes, everywhere! Your beauty salon must have ample numbers of lighting fixtures, so that the employees can serve the customers better. Having lights right in front of the workstation is even better.

Are you not thinking about an LED vanity mirror?

When it comes to dressing up and getting ready, everyone looks at the mirror. However, the importance of a mirror is a real deal in beauty salons. When at home, a person may or may not observe oneself with a keen eye, but things change in a salon. In a beauty salon, a customer will always check every detail on their face, like they should. So, having a mirror that helps them see better is a good thing for your business. Or is it not?

What good will it be if a customer looks satisfied at the salon, but comes back yelling after a day; Complaining about a small strand of hair left out during the eye-brow session. Not fun, right?

An LED vanity mirror is the best remedy for both the ‘observing’ customer as well as the service provider. As these mirrors come with inbuilt LED installations, there will be no need to install bulbs around the mirror. In case you are thinking about the energy consumption of these mirrors, know that they will consume very little power, in comparison with most make-up lights that you might know!

Let the mirror be the new light!

Adding an LED mirror to your salon can make all the difference that there can be. The customers will love it, and they’ll keep coming back. There is so much more that we know about an LED vanity mirror. Do you wish to know it all? In case you do, feel free to send your queries at

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