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led vanity mirrors

There is a little science and art to placing vanity mirrors with lights, which depends upon a lot of factors. 

Some of the factors that you should keep in mind,

-The size of your bathroom, 

- The size of your mirrors, and, most importantly, the height from the surface

We want you to enjoy the best possible viewing experiences with your vanity mirrors, and with a little tweaking to your lighting arrangements, it is entirely feasible. With the applications of the tips you are going to read down below, you will never have any complaint again with your vanity lighting. 

Bare Beginnings

The best lighting arrangements have many elements to it. A minute misplacement of your lighting fixture around your Vanity Mirror can ruin your experience. So here is a brief walkthrough of the challenges that come with nonoptimal lighting arrangements, along with their remedies.

Let's decode them one by one!

First Things First, What Lights Should Be Used?

"What lights should I use" is the question that you should ask before "'How should I put those lights" to get the best vanity lighting possible. 

Now the question is, what are the best options that you should consider for lighting?

Cheap vanity mirrors are use and throw objects. We will be a little biased here, but it is good to be biased if you are promoting the best option available. 

Knowing the best lighting options adds to the advantage of the best lighting arrangement.  

Vanity mirrors with LED lights are called Lighted Vanity Mirrors.  LED vanity mirrors are in trend because they come with integrations like defogger and dimmers. 

LED fixtures are the best options available for this. 

led vanity mirrors

There are uncountable advantages LEDs have over retro bulbs or any other conventional equivalent. 

  • LEDs are dimmable yet non-flickering: LEDs are adjustable in terms of light intensity. Any other conventional lighting would start dimming with time or with the variation of voltage, but LEDs don't.

As they(LED vanity mirror) get older, they do not start flickering any soon. Thanks to their low wattage requirement, they easily endure common variations in the voltage.

  • LEDs Are Good For Your Eyes: When you use conventional bulbs or tubes for vanity lighting, the voltage variations cause flickering in the light, which create unwanted shadows, and does not let you focus.
  • It also causes unnecessary strain on your eyes. 

  • Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, so their eyes mustn't feel unnecessary strain. LEDs would be a great fit to please the eyes of the beholder.

  • LEDs are light on your wallet- Fluorescent bulbs are expensive, short-lived, and they and power both. 

  • These energy vampires are also money eaters, and trust me how beautiful/handsome you are, what sucks money will always make you feel ugly. 

    LEDs Last Longer. LEDs are basically “set it and forget it” lighting options, which will last much longer beyond the time you will get bored of them. 

    How To Place The Lights To Get The Best Experience Possible

    Since now we know the best lighting option available, let us go through the ideas and tips that would take your Vanity and bathroom lighting experience to the next level. 

    So, let’s decode each one step by step

    • Get Rid Of The Shadows!

      Unwanted shadows are the result of misplacement of the lighting fixtures on the sides of vanity mirrors. 


      Unwanted shadows generally occur when the height of your side lightings are not aligned with your average eyesight level. 

      As a rule of thumb, the necessary height of the fixture to avoid shadows should be between 65-70 inches. 

      Make sure that these fixtures are placed symmetrically and have a gap of at least 30 inches. 

      Placing mirrors symmetrical balances the lights just right. Moreover, it does not cast shadows at angles that annoy you while you are doing makeup or doing any other grooming activity which requires mirrors. 

      As discussed in the section below, we find that LEDs are the best options that you should consider because they offer you only advantages over conventional lightings. 

      • Mind That Vapours + Electricity = Danger. 

        Bathroom mirrors with lights, be it conventional or LEDs, would be prone to moisture in the air, which often accumulates on their surface. A little amount of moisture that may accumulate on the little openings of the sure can pose a lethal danger. 

        Vanity mirrors are installed close to showers or taps, so the LEDs that we place in the fixtures with them are supposed to have the necessary ratings. 

        LEDs that you use in vanity lighting purposes are generally UL rated. 

        If you keep this in mind, you would certainly avoid the possible danger that comes when electricity comes in contact with moisture. 

        • Get Rid Of The Fog

        Vanity Mirrors are placed in bathrooms, so they are prone to smudges due to moisture in the air. They are inevitable, but can be easily removed. 

        Precise and accurate installation of al these lights is done best by the skilled hands. Be it the symmetrical arrangement, or any other installation, an amateur will certainly be able to do it right in the first attempt.

        In case you do not like "DIY" stuff, defogging mirrors could be the only option you need to go with. They not only save you from all the drills and professional skills that incur in the installation of the lights. Defogging mirrors cost a little more, but they save you money you might need to spend in hiring the professionals to install light fixtures. 

        Defogging mirrors do not control the vapor level in the air, but they sure do not allow fog to accumulate on the mirror surface.

        • Dimmer Is A Must 

        What is the point of installing LEDs with your Vanity Mirrors, when you can not control their intensity of light?

        dimmer led vanity mirrors

        You need a system to control the intensity of light and adjusts it according to the changes in daylight intensity. You don’t too bright lights when it is evening v/s when in the daytime. 

        Dimmer would control the intensity of light, which will optimize the wattage consumption of the overall lighting apparatus. 

        Dimmer saves you a couple of dimes: hence, you should definitely consider them with your Vanity Lighting installations.

        • Buy Fully Furnished And Equipped LED Vanity Mirrors-

          Many of the features we described are simple to read and seem easy to apply. When it comes to the actual installation, there are hidden and variable costs that would discourage you from installing the necessary equipment. 

          To save you from unnecessary expenses, there are some fully furnished LED vanity mirrors in the market. 

          They cost you the same amount as spent in the execution of all the steps in that you just read. Skilled hands craft the LED Vanity Mirrors, industry experts who are best at what they do. 

          Every equipment follows the highest standards in the industry. Every equipment is precisely crafted, plus you don’t have to spend a single penny for extra features.

          Vanity mirrors come in all shapes and sizes. 

          They cover every possible use case of vanity mirrors, be it indoor or outdoor. 

          You don't need to worry about any headaches, companies have always got you covered because these mirrors come with at least two years of experience.

          • CCT Remembrance Feature

            LED vanity mirrors come with CCT remembrance, which means that your mirror will remember the color temperature you used last before turning off the light. When you turn it back on, then your light will render the same color temperature back. 

            Why Should You Follow These Tips?

            The word Vanity in the phrase "Vanity Mirror Lighting" has two meanings, and I quote, "excessive pride in or admiration of one's appearance or achievementsand the quality of being worthless or futile.

            Shockingly, both the meanings contradict each other, and both the definitions are relevant in both the use cases(You incorporating the tips or not.).

            IF you apply the tips that we discussed in the sections above, the first meaning would be relevant to your experience. Your mirror will make you feel admiration for your appearance because they will make sure that you see the best possible reflection of yourself. 

            A wrong arrangement of the lighting or poor lighting choices will only produce unattractive reflections. Your reflection will be full of smudges and dark shadows. 

            Now the only question that you should ask yourself should be, "why should I not use the tips described above for vanity lighting." Trust us; you won't find a reason not to incorporate the tips. The fifth tip about LED Vanity Mirror is the only one you can consider today. 

            To read more tips and tricks like these, consider reading other such articles on our blog. 

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