Things You Should Know Before Choosing LED Area Lights

Things You Should Know Before Choosing LED Area Lights


LED area lights are the recommended outdoor lights used to illuminate the comprehensive outdoors. Usually, the outdoors is extended to a vast area. Thus, to make sure that the lights are sufficient for making objects visible, you need to opt for lights that are commercially suitable.

LED parking lot lights, LED flood lights, LED wall pack lights, LED pole lights, etcetera are some popular examples of area lights. From a performance perspective, these lights have a wide reach, and they can make things visible from quite some distance.

Furthermore, there are some key things that one should know about area lights. Things like some important terms, types, and different fixtures, are important to understand. If you are looking forward to using one, you need to make sure of certain things. So, read more to discover these factors that can change your point of consideration before choosing area lights. 

led parking lot lights

LED area lights and some important terms

    • IP rating - IP rating helps estimate whether the outdoor fixture can endure external elements and maintain its performance. Dust, dirt, wind, moisture, and rain are some external factors that can tamper with the light’s performance. IP-65 is the rating that is generally preferred for suitable outdoor lights.
    • CTT - The term CTT refers to Correlated Color Temperature that is responsible for how the light’s illumination will look. The lower the CTT, the warmer the light will be, and vice versa. For outdoor lighting, one must go with lights with a higher CTT.
    • CRI - CRI stands for Color Rendering Index. This makes the LED area lights eligible to make objects appear in their natural colors. This is quite an essential part when we talk about outdoor lighting fixtures because they are used to offer performance during the dark. Thus, being able to identify the colors is indeed necessary.

Comparison between the type in LED area lights

The distribution pattern of the types in LED area lights is slightly different from one another. Each type is a different variant, as they are destined for different purposes and locations. Moving on, there is a comparison mentioned between the light distribution patterns of these types.

Comparison between the type in LED area lights

Type III

Type III lights are suitable for places where the roads are 2 times wider than the height where these lights are mounted. Also, the preferred spacing between each light should be approximately 5 times more than the mounting height.

Type IV

The Type IV light distribution pattern is available in lights that illuminate the forward path. This pattern works by pushing the light to the wall or pole’s front with a reduced backlight. This type is most likely to go with wider roads. The supposed road should be 3 times wider than the mounting height of the light, and the spacing between lights should be approx. 4 times more.

Type V

The light distribution pattern of Type V lights is pretty uniform that distributes light to a particular angle with the same potential. This uniformity will promote the best light distribution only if the fixtures are mounted nearby the center of the location. For a large space, Type V lights are highly required to promote even light distribution.

What are some suitable outdoor LED area lights?

led parking lot lights

Meeting the desired lighting requirement is a must, especially when it comes to comprehensive outdoors. Using the most suitable LED area lights in every particular outdoor can be tricky as you need to pick apt lights. Every area is different that surely requires different lighting. To make the lights work, you must focus on every factor that might affect the lighting impact.

Some popular outdoors requiring area lights are parking lots, stadiums, streets, parks, gardens, alleys, etcetera. Therefore, a vast range of LED lights is used as outdoor area lights to meet the lighting requirements.

The suitability part is related to several interrelated factors like durability, performance, maintenance, longevity, and some additional features. Choosing suitable LED area lights containing these factors is indeed an important choice that one should come up with. LED parking lot lights, LED flood lights, LED pole lights, LED wall pack lights, LED shoebox lights, etcetera are some brilliant examples of area lights that are available with these interrelated factors.

For instance, if you are looking for outdoor lights, you should always go for lights with a high CRI value, as it will help promote visibility in the dark. Simultaneously, lights with high CTT that ranges between 5000K to 65000K are considered to be appropriate for outdoors as they have a better illumination effect.

Some popular LED area lights for outdoor lighting are:

  • LED flood lights - They are majorly used in parking lots, stadiums, streets, gardens, alleys, etcetera, to promote visibility with a hint of security.
  • LED post top lights - These are pathway lights suitable for residential and commercial spaces.
  • Shoebox lights - The shoebox-style lighting fixture is applicable for parking lot lights, street lights, stadium lights, and other commercial lights.
  • LED parking lot lights - The lighting performance of LED parking lot lights make them ideal for comprehensive parking spaces such as highways and department stores, making them ideal security lights.
  • LED pole lights - These lights are commonly witnessed on streets, alleys, parking premises, stadiums, and other open fields.
  • LED wall pack lights - Wall packs are simply wall-mounted outdoor lights with an extended light reach.

The bottom line:

Above mentioned were some of the major reasons promoting the need for LED area lights and why you should be interested in considering them. The lights are basically preferred due to their excellent lighting performance. However, suitable area lights must contain some important features that will guarantee efficiency of these lights. 

Lights like LED Parking Lot lights, LED Pole Lights, and LED Flood Lights are commonly used area lights that are recommended because of their longer lifespan, high CRI, suitable color temperature, and some other efficient features. Therefore, one should look for these in every light they are going to use outdoors to get the best results.

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