Top 4 Energy Saving LED Lights For Supermarket

LED Lights For Supermarket

Lighting a supermarket is a big target to achieve. A supermarket space should be illuminated in a proper way to enhance and improve the experience of shopping. Somewhere, you must have realized that your store is being empty most of the time.

Well!!  Its high time to be in the market back again and give tough competition to your competitors. The commercial space like a supermarket and retail stores spend a million dollars on the lighting.

It is because supermarkets research a lot to get the right lighting fixture for their space. They believe that the customer will buy the product or grocery which look good and fresh.

Well!! There is no need to research anymore. LEDMyplace offer the energy-efficient lighting fixtures which are mostly used for the storage space like supermarkets, retail stores, and much more.


Top 4 LED Lighting Fixtures

We have put together a list of our high energy-efficient LED indoor lighting fixtures down below:

LED Tubes: An ultra-high lumen output lighting fixture “LED Tube”. They are available in the clear and frosted 8ft single pin LED tubes which comes with the longer lifespan expectancy. These tubes directly replace the high wattage fluorescent tubes and reduce electric energy by 75%. This tube is UL (Underwriters’ Laboratories) certified. This certification identifies the safety standards of the fixtures.

LED Cooler Tubes: By the help of this tube, you can illuminate the display freezers. This lighting fixture comes with the 220-degree ultra wide beam angle which illuminates the space with high lumen lighting output. The fixture is ETC and DLC approved.

LED Linear High Bay: It is an indoor lighting fixture which is mounted on the high bay space. Linear LED high bay light  comes 2ft and 4ft. The fixture is a direct substitute of high wattage metal halide fixture and doesn’t require low maintenance cost.

LED Exit Lights: This lighting fixture emits the light more than any traditional lighting device. It is installed at the exit gates and staircases. This fixture comes with the nickel-cadmium battery which allows the fixture to operate for 90 min after the power failure. The operational temperature of the fixture is 0℃- 40℃ without any need of maintenance cost. The fixture has been used to show the right way to get out of the building in case of an emergency.


If you are an owner of the supermarket and retail store, you should installed the above-mentioned fixtures. These fixtures not only lighten the space but also trim the lighting bills and you can save a lot of money on it.

To get these fixtures, visit our site LEDMyplace and pre-order the fixture. We also offer installation. If you want to invest then invest in a smart way, call us to get more details of our LED products.

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