Top 5 LED Garage Lights

LED Garage Lights

It is an important task to lighten up your garage where you do the fine work. There are many problems that can arise cause of low lighting. Many garages have installed fluorescent lights to illuminate their space but it doesn’t emit the high-quality lighting as LED Garage Lights does.

LED lighting technology has been increasing the demand for LED Lights. The quality components have been used to make them are UV-free, mercury-free, and doesn’t consume high wattage to lighten up the garage space.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the LED Indoor Lighting Fixtures that emits the high lumen output.

Corn Light

If you have a small garage, then it is really easy to do you to lighten up your space with a single lighting fixture. Might be you always get confused to select the right fixture for you. Wattage, CCT, CRI, and many terms can leave you more confused. LED Corn Bulbs could be the best choice for your premises.

LED Corn Light

The quality of the lighting is way better than conventional bulbs. You don’t need to replace this fixture after the long time usage. This fixture easily retrofits with E26 and E39 base only. These fixtures offer high lumen output at low wattage consumption which leads to low lighting cost.

Integrated Lights

With the three different types of LED Integrated Tube, it makes their space with any kind of garage space. 2ft, 4ft, and 8ft LED Integrated Tube comes with the high CRI and varients color temperatures.

LED Integrated Lights

Color rendering index feature would be beneficial for you because it shows the true color of an object and increases the visibility as well. It doesn’t heat-up while operating for long hours.

Troffer Lights

It is hanging LED lighting fixture that which is being installed at the ceiling space to illuminate the space from the top of the garage.

LED Troffer Lights

It comes in the 30W and 50W only which offer 4200lm and 6500lm only. Before making any final decision related to purchase the LED garage lighting make sure that you consider the fixture high lumen output at low wattage.

High Bay Light

This lighting fixture is only for those garages who have high ceiling garage. As compared to other LED Lighting Fixtures mentioned in this blog doesn’t offer high-lumen output. With the highest lumen output of 35000lm, LED High Bay Lights have illuminated many vast spaces. It is also being used in warehouses as well.

LED High Bay Light

Only a few lighting fixtures would allow controlling the lighting output. You can dim the lighting from 0V - 10V which leads to reduces energy consumption.

This fixture also comes in a different UFO design which is the most preferred lighting option for commercial indoor space.

In The End

All these lighting fixtures UFO LED High Bay Lighting fixtures have been to the top of our Best Selling LED Fixtures 2018. If you want to know more about the LED lighting fixtures, drop down your query in the comment section below. We’ll get in touch with you over there and you can directly contact us through the live chat and call. We would be happy to help you.

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