Turn Your Home Into Mini Saloon With LED Vanity Mirrors

led vanity mirror

Makeup is an art that looks best when perfected. 

Perfect makeup requires skills and adequate lighting. 

So, if ever, you’ve looked into the mirror and thought “natural look was better than this almost clown-like appearance,” take a moment and sit back. Inhale and exhale. Repeat.

Trust us; you are a maestro who knows what kind of makeup suits your personality. 

It’s not your make up that is a mess or imperfect, it’s the inadequate lighting.

Your makeup looked fine when you were putting it on. 

Yet, when you stepped in broad daylight, people failed to recognize you.

All your skin tone looks uneven. Foundation is blotchy and fine lines are visible. The blush seems to light on one cheek and darker on the other. The highlighter isn’t on fleek. Oh, the contour is dead.  Practically, every check-point of makeup is messed!

It is all about lighting and color science.

led vanity mirrors

For example; Red colors do not reflect blue colors. Under blue lighting, orange color tones can appear brownish, and blush and bronzer would look more brownish than it normally is. 

The lights you use for makeup are supposed to render real skin tones, but they did not. 

Under inadequate lighting, blemishes and redness look darker, as under wrong lights:

  • Red colors appear darker
  • Orange colors appear brownish 
  • Neutral colors appear warmer 

Color science is one of the reasons that LEDs are preferred over any other lighting. LEDs offer all the colors in the visible spectrum (VIBGYOR). Hence, these lights are perfect for use in makeup mirrors. 

You have now figured out the right type of light, it is time to learn about other parts of the configuration.  

Since these lights are meant for use in bathrooms, by large! At these spaces, the air is damp, so the fog will quickly accumulate on the mirror surface. Thus, the lights are expected to be water-resistant.

This is where LED vanity mirrors come into play. 

led bathroom lights

Here are the basic yet crucial necessities these mirrors fulfill, right away- 

IP rating- LED vanity mirrors come with all the required IP ratings. So you can be sure about their water resistance.

Defogger- Defogger will blow off all the fog, each time it accumulates on the mirror surface. 

CCT remembrance- This is one of the best features in vanity mirrors. CCT remembrance suggests that your mirror will remember the color temperature you had set before switching the mirror off. 

Bathroom mirrors with light or LED vanity mirrors can help you turn into a beauty expert and perfector that you wish!

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