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UFO LED Lights, Perfect For Indoor Stadiums And Warehouses.

Did you know, why more and more warehouse owners and stadium authorities picking UFO LED lights? if not, read this text.  

When you mount UFO LED lights on the ceiling, you easily save more than 75% of the total cost. You can mount these high bays in the warehouse. Spacious warehouses play a key role in storing products. This place is dotted with forklift, trolleys, cranes and of course high bay lights. 

Without circular high bay lights, it is impossible to shed light in every nook and corner. LED High Bay fixtures essay a pivotal role in the maintenance of warehouses.  

LED UFO lights conveniently brave bad climate. Suppose heavy rains and thunderstorm increase moisture in the air, in such circumstances, normal Halide fixtures might flicker.

The stadium is the place where players display their skills. These stadiums facilitate the best of amenities and facilities. Not to mention, big stadiums are incomplete without sophisticated High Bay lights.These lights not only make sports events scintillating but also help in vigilance & security.

In UFO’S light angle is 60,90 and 120 degrees, you can pick this angle as per your choice. 

These lights are also apt for big godowns. Here goods are procured in bulk. With the help of these lights, cartons are easily arranged and coded.

UFO High Bay lights VS Metal halide fixtures.

Metal Halide Light gorge on much of electric power, and this catapults electricity bill. Besides this, Halide lights flicker a lot, whereas UFO LED High Bay Lights do not show this trait. 

Halide Lights disperse light in all directions. Whereas the light in UFO fixture is directional. 

The Lifespan of Halide Lights also affects efficiency. Like, by the time LED gets to its end, you have already changed 5 Halide Lights.  


UFO’s are high-intensity lights. If you are running a warehouse or hired a godown on rent, then you can mount these lights to enhance profits. For more information on lights, visit,LEDMyplace.

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