V Shape LED Integrated Tubes have set a new paradigm in lighting

Life never stops. Every new innovation makes an old version obsolete. When great Edison invented the bulb, people started considering oil lantern thing of past. Alike, when simple tubes were invented, the use of bulbs decreased. It is human nature to appreciate new inventions and discoveries, there is no harm in picking the best. In fact, when you choose an advance product it also symbolizes your fine taste.

When you look around, you will realize, things have evolved. Like, who would have thought fluorescent lights would be replaced by LED Tubes and in the coming time, sleek and suave LED tubes would face competition because of  V Shape LED Integrated tubes.

What makes Integrated Tubes stand out, does this question comes to your mind?  

If yes, here is an answer -

V shaped Integrated LED Tubes are a good option where you need more subtle light. Besides their extraordinary length, tube’s 180-degree beam angle, helps in illuminating a larger area.  

If you are running a grocery store and you want 8ft single tube which goes from one corner to the other, then there is nothing like these tubes.

In case, you run a fashion boutique and there are shelves in the series, you can install V shape LED Integrated tubes to make the collection more alluring.

Sometimes you don’t want to spend too much money on the fixture, then also V shape LED Integrated Lights are a cool option.

In case, you have started eatery business and you don’t want to spend too much money on renovation because of high rent, in such a situation, you can go for Integrated Lights, as these lights don’t require wooden fixture and ballast

Want to know how these lights are installed?

V Shape LED Integrated Tubes can be installed easily, all you have to do is, Set the reed, Fasten the circlip with screwsPress the lamp holder into the retainer and Plug the power cord.

What are the key benefits of this tube

  • 180-DEGREE angle shed more light on the product to make it brighter.
  • Double row light gives more output
  • The clear cover gives more light than frosted cover
  • These lights save adequate energy
  • Integrated lights are environment-friendly


Lights not only illuminate the place, but they also facilitate protection. Like if you run an ice cream parlor, then you can install V shape integrated tubes around the transparent deep freezer to see the effect of temperature. In case you want to know more about V shape LED Integrated Tubes, just fill the customer query form.

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