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What Are LED Neon Lights?

What Are LED Neon Lights?
What Are LED Neon Lights?
What Are LED Neon Lights?
What Are LED Neon Lights?


With modern LED technology, LED neon lights have replaced the traditional neon lights with their energy efficiency, high reliability, and lumens output. In addition, the lamp body material has been replaced from the traditional glass material with a silicone material that is flexible and bendable. 

Silicon material neon lights have better performance compared to all other materials. The LED neon rope light has excellent and perfect characteristics. It has become the popular choice of the market by replacing PVC neon led strips. First, you need to understand what is LED neon lights to have them for your property. 

What is LED neon light?

This lighting fixture is also known as neon LED strip light and LED neon rope light. It is used as decoration lighitng. This lighting product has waterproof and anti-shatter functions. It can be used outdoors as well as indoors with an IP67 waterproof rating. 

The LED neon lights have excellent sealing performance, high brightness, various light colors, and a large light-emitting area. Any scissors can easily cut it and have a wide application range. And with the help of an LED controller, it can achieve light color changeability. 

The LED neon tube with silicon material has excellent light transmittance and is eco-friendly. Moreover, due to its flexibility, you can give a variety of designs with LED neon rope lights. 

Uses of LED neon rope light

Uses of LED neon rope light

LED neon rope lights are mainly popular in the fields of advertising signs, pattern modeling, winding characters, etc. And can also illuminate the decorate the buildings, hotels, bridges, KTV, booths, and other spaces. Moreover, the silicon material of LED neon can resist the corrosion of acid, alkali, and common salt. Therefore, this light can be used in chemical industries, laboratories, mines, yachts, seashores, petroleum, and so on. 

Neon LED signs can be stored at -50℃ to +150 ℃ temperature, maintaining the soft state of strip lights without deformation, embrittlement, aging, and softening. In addition, these LED lights can be used at -20 ℃ to +45 ℃ s environment, are resistant to high heat and extreme cold, and work normally. 

Are LED neon lights good?

►Environment-Friendly and Good Heat Dissipation

The material LED neon has thermal conductivity, and LED neon tube lighting offers great heat dissipation performance. This is a non-toxic and environment-friendly strip light. Due to its high ignition point, silicone is non-flammable. Therefore, there is no toxic and irritating gas volatilization, and it is safer to use. 


LED neon rope light can achieve multi-color LED light, color chasing, single white light, and various functional lighting effects. Silicone neon LED tubes are available in round and square shapes and are suitable for all kinds of strip lights, whether RGB LED strip lights or single-color LED lights. 

►Durable, flexible, and longer lifespan

The neon sign light has strong flexibility and a reliable structure. The external shape and internal structure can be customized through bent molds and is suitable for different shapes. Resistant to pulling and tearing, not easy to be deformed and damaged, and has strong toughness. 

Durable, flexible, and longer lifespan

LED neon lights run longer than traditional lights. 

How to select led neon lights?

There are numerous options available for flexible silicone LED neon lights. Color temperature, width, waterproof level, length, voltage, density, and other aspects, are considered while buying LED neon lights. 

LED Neon strip lights are divided into various types, such as RGB LED neon flex, RGBCCT neon LED strip, and single-color LED neon. 

Choosing the color temperature and color in neon light is also important. The color temperature starts from 2300K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6000K, and ends at 7000K. The color ranges are golden yellow, blue, ice blue, pink, green, yellow, amber, and red. Choose color temperature and color as per your mood and preferences. 

led neon rope lights


We have explained all the things that matter to considering LED neon lights. This is the best choice for highlighting buildings, booths, and objects. It comes in flexibility to create any mood and designs with its various color combinations. You can easily install this lighting fixture at any place you want. 

Answers To Most Asked Questions By People 

  1. Can I cut the LED neon rope light?

You can easily cut and reconnect LED neon rope lights on your own. On the back side of the LED rope light, there is a cutting line to give you an idea to cut the strip light. 

Can I cut the LED neon rope light

Use scissors or any sharp tools to cut the line on the LED neon light. Once you cut the light, use the end cap to cover the incisions, then glue it with adhesives and dry the adhesive before you use the light.

  1. Are led neon lights harmful to the eyes?

Looking constantly at the LED light source can cause eye irritation and discomfort, usually at high color temperatures. However, the neon LED strip softens the LED light and reduces irritation. 

  1. Is LED Neon light dimmable?

There is a LED light controller to control the LED neon sign light. It can adjust the brightness level and change the colors to create an excellent light effect. 

  1. Do LED neon lights consume a lot of electricity? 

Compared to other traditional lights, LED neon lights emit less heat. This light consumes fewer wattages and throws higher lumen output. Saves energy consumption upto 70%. 

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