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What Does CRI Mean?


CRI (Color Rendering Index) measures the degree of color shift when the object undergoes in the range of illuminated by the light source as compared with the color of those same objects when illuminated by the reference light source.

All LED lighting fixtures come with the CRI specification. The term describes the output of the light source. The CRI identifies the color output (White Tint) of any lighting product. The CRI is being calculated at the scale of 0 - 100. Most of the conventional bulbs are CRI 60+ whereas if you mostly the high CRI of 80+ in the LED lighting fixtures.

For example, you can’t see the difference between black and dark blue in the light range of low CRI lighting whereas you can easily see the difference of colors in the high CRI lighting.

CRI Lighting Quality Explained

Color Rendering Index measures of how accurately a light source displays the color of an object. The below-mentioned chart will specify the color range of lighting fixture:

CRI Chart with CCT

The chart also specified the CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) 3000K warm white, 4000K natural white, 5700K day white light, and 6500K cool white.

The Correlated Color Temperature is a specification of the color appearance of the light emitted by a lighting fixture. The color of light from a reference source when heated to a particular temperature, measured in Kelvin.      

The chart explains that the color shift range from 0 - 50 does specify any drastic changes in the lighting output but after 50 you can see the visible changes in the lighting output, that is CCT (Correlated Color Temperature).

In the below image, you can see the extreme change in the color of objects. The image has been divided into two sections, the upper section shows the dull and blurry sight of the object whereas, in the below section, you can see the radical change in the color of an object and the clarity of it as well.


Why Is CRI Important?

When it comes to choosing the right lighting fixture for all indoor spaces, always choose the 80+ CRI lighting device. Low color rendering index fixture may affect your eyesight when you are doing a certain task like reading a book, choosing the perfect color for your outfit, or preparing food in the kitchen.

The right lighting for any indoor spaces makes the item look more attractive and provides the true color of objects so that everyone can get their ideal color choice object. When illuminating the wide space whether it's outdoor or indoor space, it is must that lighting output is clear instead of blurry output. It is also because of safety reasons.

Lighting also affects your mood, so it is more important to choose the right lighting fixture for your application. High CRI lighting fixtures are mostly in the indoor lighting device such as LED Downlights, LED Tube, or LED Vanity Mirror.

If you have decided that you will opt for the lighting fixture that can provide the high color rendering index these are the types of lights that should be considered:

  • Metal Halide (70)
  • Conventional Bulbs (60)
  • LED lighting fixtures (more than 80 even more)

Applications of CRI Lighting

If we talk about the application of high color rendering index lighting fixture. These types of fixtures always installed at indoor spaces like offices, home, shopping malls, retail stores, fashion stores, and many indoor spaces.

Tell us in the comment section below “Which CRI lighting fixture are you using?” and we will tell you is that fixture is good for you and tell you the right fixture for your application.

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