Why is LED Flood Lights Mostly Used by Industrial Units?

LED Flood Lights

Have you ever wondered, why industrial lights are so bright and more shinning than your lighting solution?

Most of the industries are using metal halide fixtures which consume high commercial energy and lead the industry towards costly lighting bills. At LEDMyplace, we are the manufacturers of the energy-efficient products, where the industrial units get one of our best selling product “LED Flood Lights” which directly replaces the high wattage MH fixtures.

The industries are using indoor flood lights fixtures have reduced their energy consumption and lighting bills by 75%.

led flood light

Internal Facts for Using LED Flood Lights

If we talk about industrial lighting, it doesn’t stop at the usage of one or three fixtures. The industrial unit belongs to many lighting fixtures which mean those fixtures should save some percent of energy consumption. Here are some internal facts for using floodlights at industries.

  • Financial Benefits: If any industry starts operating flood light fixture for their workplace, it would start to offer the benefit to commercial and industrial units. Our LED flood lights don’t require for high-cost maintenance. By saving 75% energy, the industry has 100% chances to reduce the lighting bill cost and save up to 75% money on it.
    • Durability: With 50,000 hours lifespan, this lighting equipment has the ability to perform well without any maintenance. It is an IP65 rated product which specifies that the product can work in the challenging weather conditions, whether the operational temperature is -4° F or +113° F, the fixture can bear the all the environmental changes without any self-harm.
      • Safety Measurements: The product has been RoHS certified which indicates that the lumen output doesn’t contain any hazardous element in the lighting beam angle. The luminaire has already passed the vibration tests as well, in any case, the fixture doesn’t fell off while any earthquake and climate change.
        • Housing: This fixture has an inbuilt aluminum heat sink dissipation to keep the fixture cool. The LEDs has covered by polycarbonate optics which expands the output to illuminate the vast area. With the rugged construction, this equipment is able to handle heavy weather change and gives an aesthetic look.

        How LED Flood Lights Saves Energy?

        The lighting output of LED Flood Lights has been made of LEDs which are famous to operate at low energy. These LEDs offers high lumen output at less energy consumption. On the other hand, the fixture has the dimmable feature which leads to saving more energy and reduce the lighting bills up to 75%.

        Future Growth of LED Manufacturing Market in 2018 - 2025

        According to the Grand View Research, “Light-emitting diodes are highly efficient, reliable, and yield longer life span, which is anticipated to boost its demand in various applications, including indoor and outdoor solutions. These lights are cost-effective as compared to incandescent lights, delivering around 50,000 hours of illumination with a small amount of energy consumed”.

        Additional Information About the Product
        • Wattage/Equivalent: 15W/100W, 30W/200W, 50W/250W, 100W/300W, 150W/400W, 200W/600W, 240W/800W, and 300W,480W,600W/1000W
        • Correlated Color Temperature (CCT): 5700 Kelvin (Day White Light)
        • Color Rendering Index (CRI): More than 70
        • Dimmable: Yes, from 10V to 0V
        • Voltage Input: 120V - 277V and 200V - 480V
        • Housing: Aluminum
        • IP Rating: IP65 Rated
        • LED Type: Lumileds
        • Operating Temperature: -4° F TO +113° F


        At LEDMyplace, we have helped many industrial and commercial sector to switch themselves towards energy savings LED lightings. LED Flood Lights are one of the best categories we have. When it comes to lighting up an indoor and outdoor space, elegance and efficiency matter the most and the same is provided by our LED fixtures.

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