Why To Consider DLC Certified LED Lights?

Why To Consider DLC Certified LED Lights?

Many times, you must have heard about the DLC Certified LED Lights, but do you know what it means? Well!!! We are here to tell you a brief about the DLC Certification and why you should choose it. Let’s take a closer look.

What is DLC Certification?

The DLC (Design Lights Consortium) is a deliberate certification for LED technology which compiles the performance of the lighting fixtures on three critical areas: white tint, distribution, and longevity.

What is DLC Certification

First of all, it is a non-profit institution which provides identification to the companies to manufacturing products to meet certain guideline for better performance. The user can apply for the rebates by using DLC Certified lighting products.

DLC Certification is an utility-based action on lighting fixtures which are being used in commercial, residential, and industrial space.

What are DLC Lights?

Design Lights Consortium is a territorial group that focuses on the quality and the energy efficiency of LED Lights. When it comes to installing the lighting solution in commercial space, it’s important to check the DLC certification before making any decision.

What are DLC Lights

DLC maintains the high-quality, focus, and high-standards of every LED lighting. Most of the commercial spaces use LED Flood Lights, 2x4 LED Troffers, LED Panels, LED Corn Bulbs and much more lighting appliances to illuminate the space with the high lumen output.

This certification is proof that you will get the fixtures are believed to meet their lumen output and light quality. It is also an assurance that you will be getting a specified amount of lumen and CRI (Color Rendering Index, it defines the quality of light, it must be more than 70).

Why Does DLC Certification Matter?

Have you ever wonder, why most of the people are considering DLC Certified lights for their space? All the DLC Certified lighting products have been through a test which analyzes its compatibility to work for the long hours without any high-cost maintenance.

Why Does DLC Certification Matter

One of the reasons DLC listing is increasingly popular is the growth of LED fixtures. As per many case studies, we have seen many problems have been faced while using old and traditional lighting fixtures such as metal halide, fluorescent tubes, conventional bulbs and much more.

A question must be clicked your mind is why can’t these lighting fixtures DLC certified. The main reason behind is that these lighting features don’t match with the DLC terms.

If you want to illuminate the outdoor space, LED Flood Lights match the terms of DLC group, it illuminates the space with higher lumen output at a wider beam angle. On the other hand, for the indoor commercial space, LED Panels comes with the long operational hours at low maintenance cost.

Why DLC Started

Why DLC Started?

In 1998, this regional certification has been started for the United States. The aim of this organization is to solve the gap between energy-saving and high-quality lighting fixtures. The other reason is to provide the rebate the DLC Certified lights.

At the glance

Due to the hard work of DLC, every LED Lights especially LED Flood Lights are vastly improved. It will help you make an appropriate choice for your specific application needs. If you want to know more about the DLC certification and any other certification then click here.
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