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BR LED Light Bulbs - E26 Base

BR LED Light Bulbs are a superior lighting option that promotes directional lighting. Its wide beam angle illumination capacity makes it an ideal choice for task and ambient lighting. Shop for energy-efficient BR LED light bulbs that reduce your power consumption bills by 70-80% compared to incandescent lights
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    Like all lights bulbs, BR bulbs also have a story to narrate. Known for the bulge, Bulge reflector bulbs are a specialized kind of light bulbs that serves specific as well as general purposes. Having a versatile use-case, these bulbs find their homes in both residential and commercial settings. 

    The bulge refers to the reflective coating inside the bulb which reflects the light outward. Having a beam angle of 120°, the reflective coating enhances the already high beam and amplifies the light given out by the LED Light bulbs

    BR bulbs have such an efficient and multi-pronged use-case that these are suitable for a lot of different applications such as in track lighting, recessed can light and even as outdoor flood lights (with a wet rating). These bulbs are also suitable in producing wall washing or wall grazing effects. 

    What is the difference between BR20, BR30 and BR40 LED Bulbs

    The numerical in the BR bulb’s name refers to the size of the bulb in inches divided by eight. This means that the size of a BR20 LED bulb will be 20/8 inches. BR30 LED Bulb will be 30/8 and similarly, BR40 would be 40/8 inches in size. 

    Advantages of BR LED Light Bulbs

    Energy-efficient: These BR LED bulbs are highly energy-efficient and convert more than 95% of the electricity into light while losing just 5% of electricity as heat. This means that a much lower watt LED bulb can replace a much higher incandescent one. 

    Long-lasting: These BR bulbs are highly long-lasting and have a rated operational life of more than 15,000 hours which means that these bulbs will last for a long time before needing any kind of replacement. 

    Eco-friendly: These bulbs are highly environmentally friendly and have a much lesser carbon footprint in comparison with their predecessors. This is because of the high energy-efficiency which means these bulbs draw less power from the grid ultimately leading to a reduced generation of power.