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LED Parking Lot Lights are a type of outdoor lighting fixture designed for use in parking lots, garages, and other large outdoor areas. They typically feature a large, bright LED light source that provides ample illumination for vehicles and pedestrians. LED parking lot lights are energy efficient, long-lasting, and easy to install and maintain. They are also available in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit different needs and preferences. Some LED parking lot lights also have motion sensor and dimming options.

28 products

28 products

About LED Parking Lot Lights

LED Parking Lot Lights are high-performing LED lights that are specially designed for illuminating parking lots. Trusted by many Parking lot owners around the globe, Commercial LED Parking Lot lights are known for high cost-efficiency and energy efficiency. These lights are designed to provide the finest quality area lighting that enables the place to be safe for car parking.     

These lights come with three color temperatures: 3000k, 4000k, and 5700k. The higher the Kelvin number, the brighter and whiter the light gets. Let’s say you choose an outdoor parking lot light with the CCT of 5700k. This light will emit a cold color which is very close to natural light. So always make sure to choose the color temperatures according to your requirements.

Parking lot is a place where people trust their vehicles, now in such a place if lighting is not appropriate chances of theft rise dramatically. Therefore, it becomes extremely important for you to choose the right parking lot light. Be it commercial LED parking lot light or residential parking lot light, the lighting should be such which turns the night into day. 

Benefits of LED Parking Lot Pole Lights

Act as a deterrent to crime: LED parking lot light fixtures because of their high brightness, bring everything to light, thus act as the first line of defense against crimes. 

Instill a feeling of confidence: Ever ventured alone in a dark parking lot? If you have, then you would understand how parking lot lights give you a sense of confidence. Being a beacon of hope in the dark of the night, parking lot lights give you confidence while walking towards your car at night. 

Are eco-friendly: LED parking lot lights are highly energy efficient which makes them eco-friendly because these draw less power from the grid.   

Solar parking lot lights available: harnessing the solar energy, parking lot lights have the capacity to reduce your utility bills to essentially zero. 

Automatic operations: With a dusk to dawn sensor, these lights have the capability to switch on during nighttime and switch back off at daybreak. 

Reasons for using LEDs for roadways

  • LED solutions have a high output of lumen that helps with visibility where you need it most.
  • In terms of wattage and energy consumed, it is also a more effective solution to save your business or area’s electricity costs.
  • LED provides an excellent index of color rendering that can be useful for this form of lighting since it would be more difficult for the eye to pick up colors such as highway signs because of poor rendering. They also provide a higher color temperature that allows drivers to change it to get the correct temperature.
  • Glare-free is also a lighting solution, particularly when lighting near residential areas where light pollution can be a significant concern.

It is not necessary to understate the advantages of LED roadway lighting. They significantly improve older options, offering the highest degree of lighting and the highest visibility. They are also highly effective, allowing them to run during the day and still very pocket-friendly. This also means they have remarkable lifespans, lasting 50,000 operational hours without being replaced.

To help you find just what you need, we have several different choices. We have flat panels and roadway floodlights with a perfect amount of light in a small bundle. To find the best match for your needs, choose from several different customizable choices, including varied wattages, voltages, lumens, and measurements. This job can be done in no time, whether installing a brand new system or updating old fixtures. It doesn't have to be a hassle to supply your building with quality lighting; we are here to make sure you get the fixtures you need hassle-free!

What do the street and parking lot lights look like?

High-power lights installed on top of light poles usually are parking lot lights. Such devices perform the purpose defined by their name, illuminating streets, outdoor parking lots, sidewalks, and other outdoor areas. These are weather-resistant, durable lights.

Where is the use of street and parking lot lights?

For several things, street lights and parking lot lights may be used. These lights can be seen lighting playgrounds, parks, and sidewalks, in addition to lighting roadways and outdoor parking lots. Lower-powered models of these lights are also available that have a more architectural style. In parks and along walkways and sidewalks, these post-top fixtures can be found along roads.

What are the styles of street & parking lights that are different?

Various light sources are available for street and parking lights. Generally, these include HID (high-intensity discharge) and LED. These options have benefits and drawbacks. LED lights can initially require more investment, but they give a longer life and are very energy-efficient. Traditional metal-halide and sodium-vapor lights may cost less initially, but they may not have a long life, require replacement of bulbs or ballast, and use more energy.

Advantages of LED Parking Lot Pole Lights

Energy-efficient: LED lights are highly energy-efficient and convert 95% of the energy consumed into light. The wastage in LED technology is only 5% which gets converted into heat. This heat is managed by the internal heat dissipation system of the fixture which keeps it cool. 

Long-lasting: LED Parking lot lights last for more than 50,000 hours which means that you won’t have to worry about a replacement for your parking lot light for a minimum of 5.7 years even if the light is used 24 hours of the day. 

High CRI: These lights have an amazingly high color rendering index which means that the colors rendered by these lights are close to perfection when compared to an ideal source of light such as sunlight.  

Available in various CCTs: These parking lot pole lights are available in various different color temperatures, therefore, you can choose your fixture depending on the color of paint in your parking lot. 

Multiple mounts available: Parking lot pole lights are available in different mounting options such as direct mount, slip fitter and yoke universal mount which gives you the freedom to retrofit your old fixture with the new and hi-tech LED pole lights

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are LED parking lot lights? 
A: LED parking lot lights are outdoor lighting fixtures that use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as a light source. They are designed to illuminate large outdoor areas like parking lots, ensuring visibility and safety during nighttime or low-light conditions.

Q: Where can LED parking lot lights be used?
A: LED parking lot lights are suitable for various outdoor applications, including:
  1. Parking lots: Illuminating parking areas for enhanced visibility and safety.
  2. Driveways: Providing bright lighting for residential or commercial driveways.
  3. Roadways: Lighting up roads and highways for improved visibility at night.
  4. Outdoor commercial spaces: Illuminating outdoor areas of shopping centers, office complexes, and industrial sites.
  5. Public areas: Lighting up parks, stadiums, and other outdoor gathering spaces.

Q: Can LED parking lot lights be adjusted for different lighting needs?
A: Yes, many LED parking lot lights offer adjustable features to meet different lighting requirements. These features may include adjustable mounting angles, tilt and rotation capabilities, and the ability to control brightness or beam direction. However, the specific adjustable features may vary depending on the manufacturer and model of the LED parking lot light.

Q: Are LED parking lot lights weatherproof?
A: Yes, LED parking lot lights are designed to be weatherproof. They are built to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, snow, and high temperatures. Look for fixtures with an IP65 or higher rating, indicating protection against dust and water, to ensure reliable performance in outdoor environments.

Q: Are LED parking lot lights compatible with photocell sensors?
A: Yes, many LED parking lot lights are compatible with photocell sensors. Photocell sensors allow the lights to automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn, providing energy savings and convenience. It is important to check the product specifications or consult the manufacturer to ensure compatibility with photocell sensors.

Q: Do LED parking lot lights require any special installation considerations?
A: LED parking lot lights require installation considerations similar to other outdoor lighting fixtures. They are typically mounted on poles or structures, and the installation may require wiring connections. It is recommended to hire a qualified electrician to ensure proper installation, adherence to local electrical codes, and safety.

Q: How do LED parking lot lights compare to traditional lighting options?
A: LED parking lot lights have several advantages over traditional lighting options, including:

  1. Energy efficiency: LED lights consume less energy, resulting in lower electricity costs.
  2. Lifespan: LED lights have a longer lifespan, reducing the frequency of replacements and maintenance.
  3. Instant startup: LED lights turn on instantly without any warm-up time, providing immediate illumination.
  4. Brightness and uniformity: LED lights offer bright and uniform illumination, improving visibility and safety.
  5. Environmental impact: LED technology is more environmentally friendly, as it does not contain hazardous substances like mercury.
  6. Durability: LED lights have a rugged construction, making them more resistant to shocks and vibrations.

Q: Do LED parking lot lights come in different wattages?
A: Yes, LED parking lot lights are available in various wattages to suit different lighting requirements. The wattage of the light determines the brightness output. It is important to choose the appropriate wattage based on the size of the parking lot and the desired level of illumination.  

Q: How many lumens are typically required to adequately light a parking lot?
A: It varies based on the size and type of the parking lot. Generally, for a standard commercial parking lot, you'd want between 20,000 to 30,000 lumens for pole lights. Smaller parking areas or private lots might require fewer lumens, typically between 10,000 to 20,000.

Q: What are the common names for parking lot lights?
A: Parking lot lights are often referred to as "pole lights," "area lights," "street lights," or "outdoor parking lot luminaires."

Q: Why are they sometimes called "shoebox lights"?
A: The term "shoebox" refers to the rectangular, boxy shape of certain parking lot light fixtures, which resemble a shoebox. They are designed for efficiency and broad light distribution. 

Q: What voltage are the parking lot lights?
A: Parking lot lights typically operate on different voltage levels depending on the application, and specific system design. Here's an overview:
  1. Standard Line Voltage: Most commercial and industrial lighting systems, including many parking lot lights, run on standard line voltage. In the U.S., this typically ranges from 120V to 277V. In many other countries, the standard line voltage is 220V to 240V.

  2. Low Voltage: Some parking lot lighting systems, especially those with specific controls or those using solar panels with battery backup, might operate at a lower voltage, commonly 12V or 24V. Low voltage systems often require transformers to reduce the line voltage to these levels.

  3. High Voltage: Larger parking lots or those requiring very high-intensity lighting may use high-voltage systems, which can range from 347V to 480V in some instances. These are less common but are useful for reducing current and, therefore, the size of the electrical components, which can be more cost-effective for extensive installations.

Q: What wattage are parking lot lights? 
A: Parking lot lights come in a range of wattages depending on the type of light source, the size of the parking lot, and the required illumination level, but with advancements in technology, especially with LEDs, more light (lumens) can be produced with less energy (watts). Here's a general breakdown based on light sources:

LED Lights: LEDs have become increasingly popular due to their energy efficiency and long lifespan.

  • Small parking lots or areas: 20W to 50W LED fixtures can replace older 100W to 250W metal halide or high-pressure sodium lights.
  • Medium-sized parking lots: 60W to 150W LED fixtures can often replace 400W traditional lights.
  • Large parking lots or areas needing bright lighting: 150W to 300W LED fixtures might be used, replacing 1000W traditional fixtures. 

Q: Are there any rebates or incentive programs available in the USA for switching to LED parking lot lighting? 
A: Yes, many utility companies and states offer rebates and incentives for businesses and individuals who switch to energy-efficient lighting, including LED parking lot lights. It's recommended to check with local utility providers or energy offices for details. 

Q: Are LED parking lot lights more energy-efficient than HID (High-Intensity Discharge) lamps? 
A: Yes, LED parking lot lights are typically more energy-efficient than HID lamps. They can consume up to 50-70% less energy for the same amount of light output.

Q: What are the primary advantages of using LED lights in parking lots compared to traditional lighting methods?
A: LED lights for parking lots offer several advantages: they consume less energy, have a longer lifespan, provide consistent and better illumination, reduce maintenance costs, and have a smaller environmental footprint. 

Q: What is the Color Rendering Index (CRI) and why is it important for LED parking lot lights?
A: The Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a measure of how accurately a light source reveals the true colors of objects in comparison to natural light. For parking lots, a higher CRI is beneficial as it can improve visibility and safety by making the surroundings appear more natural.