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Translation missing: en.collections.general.collection_label: LED Under Cabinet Lights

LED Under Cabinet Lights are dual-functioning lights that are used as both task lighting and ambient lighting. The lights promote a visible counter area with their soothing illumination. You can use bar lights and puck lights for under cabinet lighting. In addition, some of these lights are linkable and have CCT changeable options available. So you can give the kitchen a desirable look. Shop for LED under cabinet lights from LEDMyPlace that are RoHS, ETL, and Energy Star-Listed and have a longer lifespan.

8 products

8 products

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About LED Under Cabinet Lights

The LED Under Cabinet Lights is a very convenient and energy-efficient indoor lighting appliance. It is being installed under the cabinet, kitchens, closets, and much more spaces. This is a dimmable fixture that reduces the lighting outcome and saves energy intake.

By using these lights at the workstation could be beneficial for you because of the lighting outcome. Available in three different color temperatures such as warm white (3000K), natural white (4000K), and day white light shade (5000K), and CCT changeable fixture so that you can not only just set the amount of light but also set the shade of light accordingly.

With the 50,000 hours lifespan, this fixture does have 10 times more life than other lighting sources. The fixture doesn’t get heat up after and during long working hours.

It is ETL and Energy Star Certified which means this lighting appliance is safer to use for any kind of age group.


LED Under Cabinet Lights

These are the indoor lights that are manufactured to mount under the cabinet. With the changeable color temperature, you can set the light shade from warm white to natural white and day white light tint.

This hardwire under cabinet light connects with the 3 pin power cord and you can link total five cabinet lights. Mostly installed at the spaces such as under counter, beneath the cabinet, cupboard, kitchen, and much more.

Under Cabinet Linkable Light Bar

This direct plug-in Under Cabinet Linkable Light Bar is the contemporary addition to space. Bright beautifulness and functional lights to the kitchen, laundry areas, offices, and much more with the number of installations.

Whether you need to lighten the whole space, this fixture would fulfill the desires of lighting you have thought of. With the high color rendering lighting, it eliminates the unreal color of the objects and shows the original color.

LED Puck Lights

These LED Puck Lights are perfect to illuminate the closets, pantry rooms, kitchens, and more. It is available in an attractive round shape with an adjustable LED lens. This lighting fixture does have two-color magnetic brushed nickel trims.

It comes in three different color temperatures warm white, natural, white and day white which can be adjusted by just waving the hand through around the fixture. It doesn’t need any remote to work, just wave your hand to turn on and off the light.

LED under cabinet light fixtures can be mounted to provide light to kitchen counters and shelving and are a more effective alternative to fluorescent and Xenon lamps. These lights provide even illumination while minimizing glare. There are two types of LED cabinet lights. LED light bars have a sleek profile that makes them easier to hide. LED under cabinet lights are broader than light bars and come in a range of colors. Both types of fixtures have integrated LEDs and do not require bulb replacement. You basically replace the fixture once the LEDs have reached the end of their useful life.

Installing LED Cabinet Lights

Hardwiring or plugging in LED under cabinet lights are also choices for installation. These fixtures can be powered by both the wall switch and the fixture's own switch. Since there is no noticeable power cable, hardwired fixtures have a cleaner appearance than plug-in fixtures. Some Under Cabinet Light bars can be mounted in both directions, giving you more options. Many LED cabinet lights may also be hardwired together or linked together with a connector cord. This enables you to connect several fixtures without having to power them all separately.

LED Under Cabinet Lighting Fixtures: Where to Use Them

Dry-location LED under-counter lights can be used in tables, shelves, and other places where the fixture may not come into contact with water. Mount LED light bars if you want a simple way to light up your coves. Fixtures with a high color rendering index (CRI) of 90 are available for shelves to make colors brighter and more accurately render. Under Cabinet Lights with a damp location, rating are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas where moisture is present. Try using kitchen led strip lights if you want to make your kitchen look colorful.

Best LED Under Cabinet Lighting         

LEDMyplace’s LED Under Cabinet Light Fixture is the best overall. Consider these Light Fixtures for a wonderful under cabinet lighting option. This long-lasting LED bulb produces various lumens, which make your under cabinet look gorgeous. Magnetic under cabinet lighting is the LED Puck Lights with a magnetic mounting system that makes installing these lights easy. These lights feature the most up-to-date LED technology, as well as an ultra-slim design and a high lumen performance. So you can go with any Under Cabinet Lighting at LEDMyplace.

Choosing LED Under Cabinet Lightings

Choose light fixtures that have a lens to soften the light output and eliminate reflection. Yellow-colored counters display more light than dark-colored counters, making your under cabinet lighting appear brighter. If your counters are dim, a lamp with a higher lumen rating might be appropriate to achieve the required amount of light underneath your cabinets.

So always check the features of the lights before purchasing.


The accessories of fixtures totally depend on the product you are installing. The installation is super easy, the lights can be attracted through

  • Screws
  • 3M tape
  • Connecting cable cord
  • Cord management clips
  • Adaptor
  • Hand wave sensor