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Translation missing: en.collections.general.collection_label: LED Post Top Light Fixtures

LED Post Top Light Fixtures are efficient outdoor lighting fixtures that help in making the paths visible. These roadway & street lighting fixtures are commonly used for enhancing security during the dark. In addition, you can consider them for parking lot lighting, security lighting, and area lighting purposes. Furthermore, LED post top light fixtures are great decorative lighting fixtures as well that are used to give the locations a traditional touch with a modern approach.

3 products

3 products

About LED Post Top Light Fixtures

It is not what one lamp post can do, it is about how much beauty one LED Post Top Light can provide. Outdoor Post Lights provide the needed beauty and style to your walkways, swimming pool areas and other such outdoor places. 

These lights create a positive aura in the surroundings where these lights spread. Creating a tranquil dignity, these lights enhance the beauty of your outdoor space. Loaded with features, these lights not just stand out because of their beauty, but also for their utility. 

Let us go through the various features of this amazing modern outdoor post light.

Features Of LED Post Lighting

There are various features of these amazing lighting fixtures like the photocell, energy-efficiency, etc. Let us look at those individually in detail. 

  • Dimmable: These lights are dimmable and have the feature of being dimmed on demand. This makes these lights suitable for mood lighting. The dimmable function work with the availability of a dimmer which fluctuates the voltage between 0-10 volts. 
  • Photocell: A photocell is a type of resistor which detects the presence of lights and based on that input switches the light on or off. This function is called ‘dusk to dawn’ because these lights switch on automatically at dusk and switch back off at dawn. This helps in saving energy as there is no unnecessary wastage of light. 
  • Energy-efficiency: These post top lights for outdoor areas are highly energy-efficient. These lights convert more than 95% of the energy consumed into light while losing just 5% of the electricity as heat. This also makes these lights highly eco-friendly as these light do not consume much electricity. 

  • Thermal heat dissipation: First of all these lights do not generate heat, the small amount that gets generated is handled by the smart and modern heat dissipation system of the product. 
  • Advantages Of Using LED Post Top Lights

  • Long-lasting: These lights are highly long-lasting and have a rated operational life of more than 50,000 hours which means that these lights will last for more than a decade even if used for 12 hours of the day. 

  • High CRI: Color rendering index is the measure of how accurately the light renders colors in comparison with an ideal light source. These lamp post top lights have a CRI of more than 80 which means that the colors rendered by the light are 80% accurate in comparison with an ideal light source such as daylight. 

  • IP65 Rating: These products have an IP65 rating which means that these lights can withstand dust moisture and rain with ease. 
  • Types Of Lamp Post Light Fixtures

    Classification based on wattage

    Post Top lights are available in multiple wattages and because of the high energy-efficiency replace a much higher wattage conventional light. Here are the various post top lights. 

    • 60 watt which replaces 100 watt conventional light
    • 75 watt which replaces 250 watt conventional light
    • 80 watt which replaces 150 watt conventional light
    • 100 watt which replaces 300 watt conventional light
    • 150 watt which replaces 400 watt conventional light

    Classification based on body finish

    There are two types of body finishes available in post top lights which are 

    • Bronze finish
    • Black finish

    Classification based on color temperature

    There are two color temperatures available which are

    • 5700 Kelvin which gives out a day-white light
    • 5000 Kelvin which gives out a super white light


    Q: What are LED post top lamps?
    A: LED post top lamps are lighting fixtures designed to be mounted on top of poles or posts, commonly used for outdoor area lighting in parks, pathways, gardens, parking lots, and streets. They utilize Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) as the light source, providing energy-efficient and long-lasting illumination.  

    Q: How do LED post top lamps differ from traditional post top lamps?
    A: LED post top lamps differ from traditional post top lamps, such as high-pressure sodium (HPS) or metal halide lamps, in several ways. LED post top lamps are more energy-efficient, have a longer lifespan, offer better quality of light, and have reduced maintenance requirements. Additionally, they are more environmentally friendly as they do not contain hazardous substances like mercury. 

    Q: Are LED post top lamps suitable for decorative outdoor lighting?
    A: Yes, LED post top lamps are commonly used for decorative outdoor lighting purposes. Many models come in aesthetically pleasing designs and styles, making them ideal for enhancing the ambiance of parks, gardens, and public spaces. 

    Q: Can LED post top lamps be used for security lighting in outdoor areas?
    A: Yes, LED post top lamps are commonly used for security lighting in outdoor areas. Their bright and focused illumination helps improve visibility, discouraging potential intruders and enhancing safety in public spaces.