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Translation missing: en.collections.general.collection_label: Wine Case Lighting

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46 products

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About Wine Case Lighting

Do you know that fluorescent lighting can damage your precious wine? Specially designed wine cellar lighting is needed to protect and preserve the quality of your wine collection. 

Sunlight and other forms of bright lights age the wine too soon and dampen your experience when you finally open that bottle. Darker rooms are preferred while storing wine as a light-colored bottle absorbs more light meaning more UV rays reach the wine having a negative affect. 

Choosing the right wine cellar lighting is not an easy task as you will have to light up the area without making it too bright. This is where LED wine cellar lighting comes into the picture. We have prepared this guide for you to choose the best lighting for your wine case or wine cellar. 

Types of LED wine case lighting

LED Undercabinet LightsUndercabinet LED lights are perfect for wine cases and wine cellars as these provide high-quality lighting without burning a hole through your pocket. These undercabinet lights cast an even lighting throughout and leave no dark spot. The brightness of these light is adjustable so the lights don’t cast a bright glare on the wine bottles itself.  

LED Strip LightsLED Strip lights are a perfect solution for wine case lighting as these have a very high energy-efficiency and conserve up to 75% on your utility bills. These lights are also flexible and can be laid out in any pattern according to the need. 

LED ModulesLED modules are perfect for channel lighting and can be used in a wine cellar with ease because of their high-intensity lights. These lights nurture the wine thoroughly and don’t let the wine age too quickly. 

Benefits of LED wine case lighting

Energy-efficiency: Highly energy-efficient these lights convert more than 95% of the electricity consumed into light while losing just 5% of the electricity as heat. These lights are also eco-friendly because of their high energy-efficiency. 

Long-lasting: These LED wine case lights are highly long-lasting and have a rated operational life of more than 50,000 hours which means that these lights last for more than 5.7 years even if used for 24 hours of the day. 

High CRI: These lights also have a high CRI which means that the color rendered by these lights are accurate in comparison with an ideal source of light such as daylight. This means that the colors of the wine which you’ll get under these lights is accurate.