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3 Step Guide to Rejuvenate Bathroom Decore with LEDs

3 Step Guide to Rejuvenate Bathroom Decore with LEDs
3 Step Guide to Rejuvenate Bathroom Decore with LEDs
3 Step Guide to Rejuvenate Bathroom Decore with LEDs
3 Step Guide to Rejuvenate Bathroom Decore with LEDs

While renovating the entire home, we focus mostly on the dining rooms, living rooms, and kitchens. Bathrooms are a functional and essential space and are often a less understood area in manners of its decor and designs. If by the interiors you only mean a good bath, a basin, or a well-designed shower, then you are missing a lot. 

Lighting plays a significant role in the bathroom space. With ceiling lightings, task lights, vanity lights, and downlights, you can accentuate the area. Proper task lights and vanity lights also help you to navigate through the Bathroom with ease. 

With modern designs and industries focusing on a stylized living, “Simple and Sophisticated” is a new way to visualize your bathrooms. The restroom is a very private place where you enjoy your me-time drawing a bath and flipping through the pages of Vogue. 

Now imagine, you are having a bad day in the office, and after reaching home, the first thing you desire is slide to the shower and cleanse the weariness off your shoulder, a beautiful Celine Dione track playing in the background. I am sure reading this; you can visualize in your head and having a mental calculation of renovation, money, decor, lights, designers. All too overwhelming! I Understand. 

Here, let me walk you through the three following steps that will help you renovate your Bathroom with minimalistic changes and without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Lighting a simple yet essential solution: 

When it comes to lighting, we always recommend you look for LED technology lights, they are energy-efficient and come with multi-facet features like dimmers, easy installation, no glare no flicker, bright, and low maintenance.  

Now, you may be wondering how lights can help to rejuvenate your Bathroom. Lights help to highlight specific areas of the room and also enhance a cramped space. When you add the right lighting color temperatures (CCT) that complements the bathroom mirrors, it creates a very soothing effect.

led downlights 

Let restroom breathe under the LED Dimmable Downlights, these lights come in various shapes and designs that gives a contemporary look to the room. 

LED Integrated Tubes and LED Bulbs are necessary lighting fixtures that can be used in the bathrooms to illuminate. You can use lower wattage lights and use designed fixtures that will aggregate the bathroom paint and other accessories. 

The lights come with adjustable switches that allow you to switch to your desired CCT depending on the task you are attending, for example, say, you are engaged in shaving where you would require bright lights that fall directly without glare or flickering. LED Downlights placed on ceilings right above the washbasin will help in better visibility. 

Positioning of lights while installation:

Where to install lights, is another essential way to ensure that your Bathroom is not missing on to the look that it deserves at your home. You can use LED Flush Mount lights to enhance your Bathroom look, adding an air of elegance. 

This type of LED Lights are design specific and offers multiple utilities. They have design finish with brushed nickel rims, with shapes replicating mushrooms. With high lumen output, they produce bright lights; you can dim the lights according to your requirement and mood to create a soft and calming ambiance. 

 You can add LED Cabinet Lighting and use LED Strip lights and use them to light the bathroom area very efficiently and innovatively. When you use such lighting, it highlights the area and does not produce unnecessary brightness in the room, keeping the serenity intact. 

You can also add accent lighting to hight the tiles, and interior decors of the Bathroom, the artwork that you have hung hoping to add aesthetic value will lose its purpose if not seen. Therefore accent lights, task lights, pendants, chandeliers are the various ways you can stylize your Bathroom. 

Don’t get lost in the matters of bathroom mirrors, Read here:

When it comes to mirrors, it becomes a matter of personal choice and taste. Your bathroom mirrors, the design you choose tells a lot about your style. Your independence of thought and palate gets reflected in your bathroom mirrors. 

Now, a mirror should be such that offers usability as well as helps in redefining a place. LED Vanity Mirrors has created quite a murmur in the American communities, from designer salons to Holywood vanity settings, it has found its popularity. American household customers have gone gaga over this product after a months use, they say, “the embedded lights help in adding the right contour line that they have been practicing for years.” It is a very grand house warming gift for a newlywed to illuminate their home with the amiable product. 

LED Bathroom Mirrors have many variants and enable many technological advancements such as touch command operations, backlights, inbuilt-defogger, magnum style, and embedded strip lights. 

The mirrors have Inbuilt- defogger that allows the user to get a crystal clear image even after they take a steamy hot shower. The product comes with embedded LED Strip lights that have high CRI and CCT that offer proper brightness and the right color temperature required for your makeup and other essential activity. 

Install mirrors according to the size of your Bathroom; you can purchase 36”x48” LED Bathroom Lighted Mirror, 36”x36”, 24”x36”, or an effortless 22 inch round shaped vanity mirrors. They come in simple window style, accord round style, and Raven style that has contemporary designs with galvanized gold and silver edges, which gives a royal look. 

Before Ending 

LED lights are energy-saving technology, and in no time, you will see a return in investment. The initial cost may seem overwhelming; however, with time when you get accustomed to living under these CRI and color temperatures, you will pat your back for the decision you took. So, without further delay, check our website and browse through our products. Make sure you look for lumens and wattages before you purchase the lights. Here is a blog to help you in case you are thinking of your Salon Business. 

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