5 Solid Reasons To Choose LED Vanity Mirror

When you go to the washroom in the morning, it is quite a clumsy feeling, now, to add to it, your mirror has fog because of the overnight snow and house heater working together. No you won't faint, just a slightly bad feeling. That’s why LED Vanity mirrors. So you don’t have this feeling.

Classy and energy-efficient, LED Vanity mirrors are all the rage amongst interior designers because of the beauty and utility they combine. Becoming a symbol of luxury, these mirrors will give you the experience of a professional make-up rooms.

Although there exist many reasons to buy these LED vanity mirrors, here we will list five topmost of them.

led vanity mirror

5 reasons to choose LED vanity mirrors

  • Vanity mirrors are energy efficient: These mirrors convert 95% of the electricity into light and only 5% of the electricity is wasted as heat. Therefore LED lights save up to 75% on your utility bills.   

This also reduces the level of greenhouse gases because less energy is demanded from the grid thus putting less pressure on coal-fired energy plants.  

  • Vanity mirrors have high CRI: Vanity mirrors have a CRI of more than 90, therefore, these render colors as true as daylight, with 90% accuracy. CRI or color rendering index is the measure o0f how true the light can render colors when compared to daylight. 

  • Vanity mirrors have defogger: These mirrors have the capability to remove the fog and keep the mirror ready to use. Using an inbuilt defogger, the mirror stays fog-free and clean as new. 
    • Vanity mirrors can memorize last used color temperature:     Yep, that’s correct! These mirrors have the capacity to remember what CCT was used last time and then start operating on the same. 
  • Obviously Vanity mirrors are waterproof: When these are supposed to be installed in washrooms, why wouldn’t they be waterproof. Having an IP65 rating, these mirrors can withstand a steady jet of water from any direction.
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