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A Guide To Installing High Bay LED Lights

ufo led high bay lights
ufo led high bay lights
ufo led high bay lights
ufo led high bay lights

As the name indicates, high bay LED lights are placed in locations with elevated ceilings. These lights are supposedly higher in wattages that can sufficiently light up the premises with a wide beam angle. They are generally known as industrial LED lights that are used in tall-heightened locations such as factories, industries, warehouses, departmental stores, etcetera. 

Types of installation

type of installation high bay

There are generally two types of installations available in placing high bay LED lights, i.e., hook mounting and bracket mounting. 

Hook mount - This mounting option is commonly found in UFO LED high bay lights. The lights are hung with the help of a hook-enabled chain that firmly installs the light in the ceiling.

Bracket mount - A common installation type for LED warehouse lights is the bracket mounting type. Hooks and screws are involved in this installation process.

NPT installation - An NPT installation requires a screwed adjustment. In UFO LED high bay lights, a 1/2 inch grip space is needed, whereas in linear LED high bay lights, the requirement of grip space is 3/4 inch.

Lifting - In linear LED high bay lights, the lifting option has been opted commonly. The linear light is hung on the ceiling with the help of chains to ensure support.

Role of height during installation

Moving forward, height plays a vital role in the installation of industrial LED lights. As these lights are enabled in paces with tall ceilings, the lights need to be appropriate enough to disperse even light to ensure that there are no blind spots left. Doing so is essential as these lights are used in warehouses and other industrial areas where minor leniency can turn into havoc.

A high bay LED light is generally used in a 10-feet and above the tall location where the beam angle illumination can make or break the situation. Simultaneously, the color temperature helps in the visibility criteria where the true colors of the objects can be seen with the help of apt color temperature. Industrial LED lights need to be of preferred color temperature to deliver a daylight-like environment for convenience.

ufo led high bay lights

Recommended height and wattage while installing UFO LED high bay lights

In the end if you are aware of the fact that height can be responsible for the even dispersion of light. For instance, if your ceiling’s height is 20 feet, but you opt for a 100 Watt light, there are absolute chances of unclear visuals and blindspots. Similarly, if you opt for high wattage fixtures for your not-so-tall ceiling, it might scatter the light and put a strain on the eyes, which will be responsible for creating a disturbing environment to work on.

HEIGHT (in feet)

WATTAGE (in Watts)









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