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Dazzle-Up Your Gas Station Lighting After Sunset

Dazzle-Up Your Gas Station Lighting After Sunset
Dazzle-Up Your Gas Station Lighting After Sunset
Dazzle-Up Your Gas Station Lighting After Sunset
Dazzle-Up Your Gas Station Lighting After Sunset

With the options available today, you must have seen many lighting solutions with their best features and reliable color temperature but how did you choose the right lighting for your gas stations.

Most of the gas stations’ visitors face problems while directed their car to the gas point after the sunset. To select the right lighting you must know which lighting suits your station.

In this article, we’ll be discussing some lighting fixtures and decides yourself which you’ll be select.

What’s Available?

There are three types of lighting solution available in the market.

  • Metal Halide
  • CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light)
  • LED (Light  Emitting Diode)

LED Canopy lights for Gas Station Lighting

These are the lighting fixtures which are being famous for space such as gas stations. All of these gas station lights come with their different features and benefits.

Consider The Following

The MH fixtures are very similar to the incandescent fixtures which are costly and doesn’t efficient as it supposed to be.

The CFLs are more efficient than metal halide fixtures because they have longer lifespan and durable.


After the LED technology came, it changed all the assumptions about the lighting fixtures. The new LED lighting fixtures look different from other lights. These lights are way more better than other ‘cause of its functions. With the drastic features, LEDMyplace has designed LED Canopy Lights as per the requirements in the gas stations.

What to consider while making a decision?

In this section of the article, you will get the right terms of the lighting fixtures, so that, you will enrich your decision with the right information of about the fixtures.

LED Canopy Lights


Lumen: Before coming to any decision, just check the lumen output of the canopy lights and compare it with the other fixtures.

Color Temperature: It decides the white tint the lighting, in other fixture you have analyzed that your lighting is kind of yellowish or dull white but with LED Canopy Lighting Fixtures, you will dazzle-up your gas station in just a second.

CRI: The color rendering index defines the quality of the light (Make sure it should be higher than 70).

Thermal Heat Dissipation: After 12 hours of operation, many fixtures heat-up or might be there can be chances of high-cost maintenance because it doesn’t have thermal heat dissipation. This feature keeps the fixture cool and increases its durability more than three times.

IP65 Rating: With this rating, the fixtures certified that it can protect itself bad weather conditions, dust, and water.

Does It have any Controller?

Most of the fixtures don’t have any controlling system but not with the LED Gas Station Lights. It comes with the dimming feature which allows you to set the lighting output from 1V - 10V. It leads you to reduce the lighting cost and you would the desired light for your space.

LED Canopy Lights  ControllerAny of metal halide and CFLs fixtures don’t have this technology until now. While operating MH and CFL, you cannot cut-down your lighting cost and they also need a high maintenance cost.

In The End

LED lighting solutions is a one-time investment which gives you benefits in the future. So if you are thinking about replacing your lighting fixture then make a wise decision by selecting LED Canopy Lights. This fixture comes with all the features which are already mentioned in this article. If you have any concern or query related to this lighting fixture or any other fixture comment down below.

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