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Do You Need Dimmable LED Bulbs? Here’s help!

led bulbs
led bulbs
led bulbs
led bulbs

Gone are the days when you had to pay hefty utility bills because your LED bulbs weren't energy-efficient. Leave behind the legacy of incandescent bulbs and enter the world of LED Bulbs. A bright world where energy-efficiency is the surname of the product and having a long-lasting quality performance is an everyday affair. 

But choosing the right kind of Dimmable LED Bulb is a tricky business. With options come choices, and with choices comes confusion. This is why we have taken it upon ourselves to dive into the world of LED bulbs and bring you all the information you need before making that ‘buy now’ click. 

Classification of dimmable LED bulbs is done based on a number of factors such as the base, the type, the design and the wattage. In this blog post, we will be going through each of these sections to bring you the most comprehensive LED bulbs guide there is. 

What are the different types of LED bulbs out there

Based on Design

Specifically based on the design, there are five types of LED bulbs that are out there. Each having its own design and its own application. These are as follows: 

  • A-type LED bulbs: These are standard everyday bulbs which we see everywhere, just the great thing about these bulbs is that they run on LED technology. Ideal for household use, these bulbs are long-lasting, energy-efficient and provide a host of other features which make them far superior compared to traditional bulbs. These bulbs also find their application in kitchens, study rooms etc. 

  • BR-type LED bulbs: BR or Bulged reflector LED bulbs are mainly used in showrooms and shopping centers and places where decorative lighting is needed. These bulbs Have an almost-flat curved glass covering as opposed to the teardrop design of the standard bulbs which we know from centuries. These types of bulbs are also used in track lights. 

  • PAR-style bulbs: Parabolic Aluminized Reflector are a kind of designer bulbs having a different shape than rest of the bulbs available. These bulbs have a flat surface covering the LED chip. These bulbs are mainly used in shopping malls, high-end retail stores, museums, etc.

  • MR-style LED bulbs: Quite close to PAR bulbs from the design perspective, these bulbs have a flat surface which is elevated slightly from the base. The main purpose of these bulbs is decoration and these are often found in the reception area, entrances, lobbies, different areas of hotels, etc.

  • PL-style bulbs: These bulbs are known as plugin lamps and are long in shape and are ideal for such places that need extra lighting from LED bulbs. These bulbs are mainly used in hotels, motels, and places which need extra lighting in a budget. 

  • These are the different kinds of LED bulbs available based purely on design. Now we will have a look at different types of LED bulbs based on the base of the bulb. 

    Based on The Base of the bulb

    There are multiple different types of bases available for LED bulbs. Most prominent of these are listed below: 

    • E 26 base:  This is the most commonly found base available and is known as Edison 26 base. This is a screw-in base which can be simply screwed in the holder and be used. This kind of base offers ease of access and is very simple to use. 

  • GU 10 base: This is a two-pin base which can simply be plugged in the socket and is a plug and play kind of base. Easiest of all the bases, these base allows ease of access and is very simple to use. 

  • GU 5.3 base: Exactly like GU 10 base, this type of base is also a two-pin plug and play base which can be simply plugged in the socket to be used effortlessly. 

  • GX 23 base: This is also a two-pin base but it is not a simple plug-into-any-socket-and-use kind of bulb. The GX 23 base plugs in only compatible GX 23 ports. 
  • These are the most common type of bases found in dimmable LED bulbs. 

    Now that we know the various different type of LED bulbs based on their bases and their shapes, we will now move on to see what are the advantages which these LED bulbs provide. 

    A Style LED Bulbs

    The Most Important Advantages Of Using LED Bulbs

    Everybody nowadays knows that LEDs are better then conventional lighting, but only a few know in detail why. Don't feel left out, read on to find out what makes these LED bulbs the champion in lighting. 

  • Energy-efficiency: Probably the most important reason why people opt for LED technology, these bulbs are so energy efficient that your utility bills will be cut short by almost 75% while using these bulbs. This is achieved because LED bulbs convert more than 95% of the electricity consumed into light and only a mere 5% is wasted as heat which is managed internally inside the bulb itself. 

  • This in turn also becomes great for the environment because these bulbs demand less electricit6y from the grid and less fossil fuels are burned to0 provide for the need. Thus reducing the carbon footprint otherwise would have been created. 

  • Long-Life: Another important reason why LED bulbs are becoming a household name is their long life. These LED bulbs are tested to run for more than 15,000 hours which is five times more than conventional bulbs. This makes LED bulbs a good investment. Having said that, LED bulbs are also manufactured in such a way that they do not require any maintenance, further reducing your cost and bringing up your savings manifold. 

  • The feature of being dimmable: A darling for modern-day homeowners, the feature of being dimmable is proiving to be one of the most loved features of these LED bulbs. Whether you want to decrease the strain on your eyes, or you want to create an ambiance perfect for a mood, the feature o0f being dimmable will be your most love thing about these LED bulbs. 

  • High CRI: CRI which is an abbreviation for color rendering index tests the capability of the light with which it renders colors and measures them against an ideal light source such as the daylight. LED bulbs have a high CRI more than 80 which enables the light to display colors which are accurate and 80% accurate as compared to daylight. 

  • UV and mercury-free: Coming to the health aspect of these bulbs, since they run on LED technology, these LED lights do not emit any harmful ultra-violet light or do not have any trace of mercury in them which is a highly poisonous material if ingested. 

  • Flicker-Free: These lights running on LED technology have no flicker whatsoever because unlike incandescent bulbs, there is no heating of the filament involved thus making the light absolutely flicker free. 
  • Dimmable Led Bulbs offer more than just light, these bulbs offer satisfaction. When you buy these, you don't just get bulbs, you purchase a sense of relief which will stay with you as long as the bulbs will. 

    By the end of this blog, we are sure that you now know enough about LED bulbs to make your decision and buy these bulbs for your residential or commercial purposes. Head now to LEDMyplace and place an order to get attractive offers such as amazing discounts, 5 years manufacturer's warranty. 

    Not just that, when you order LED bulbs from LEDMyplace you also get free shipping along with an easy return policy which will relieve your problems in case, just in case we mistakenly we send you a different product or you are not satisfied with the high-quality products we offer. 

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