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A19/A21 LED Light Bulbs - E26 Base/GU24 Base

The LED A19 Bulbs/ LED A21 Bulbs are typical round-head LED bulbs used in both household and commercial areas. These bulbs take little time to light up. They are the perfect replacement for incandescent bulbs. Plus, they run longer than them. LEDMyPlace offers you A19/A21 LED light bulbs with several features, such as dimmable, Energy Star listed, and a longer lifespan.
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    A benchmark for light bulbs, A-style LED Light Bulbs are the most commonly found light bulbs out there in the market. Known for their simple and sleek design, A-Style Light Bulbs are a household name when it comes to indoor lighting. 

    Since the era of incandescent bulbs, this term ‘A’ has been used to describe the shape and dimension of a light bulb. The nomenclature has been continued with CFLs and LED bulbs. The name consists of two parts, a letter, describing the shape of the bulb and a number denoting the size. 

    A shape bulbs are upside-down pear-shaped bulbs. The two numbers here refer to the diameter of the bulb at its widest point. The diameter is measured in eighth of an inch. An A19 bulbs is, therefore, an upside-down pear-shaped bulb having a diameter of 19 divided by 8 inches, approx 2.4 inches. An A21 LED Light Bulbs has a diameter of 21 divided by 8 which is 2.65 inches. 

    A19 and A21 bulbs have an E26 base type which is the standard base type for LED bulbs.  The letter ‘E’ here refers to Edison Screw, the most common standard of lamp bases. The number 26 refers to the size, as in the case of a bulb. The diameter is in millimeters which is approx one inch. E26 base type is also known as Medium Edison Screw (MES).

    On the other hand, the GU24 Base Bulbs are different in appearance. These bulbs will have two pins protruding from the base, instead of the usual screw-in Edison-type base. To install the bulb, one must insert the pins into a socket and twist it to lock the position. 

    Features of A-style LED bulbs

    Instant-on: Unlike incandescent bulbs or CFLs, these bulbs start instantly and do not have a warming-up time.  

    Dimmable: These LED bulbs have the capability of being dimmed using a dimmer.

    High CRI: These LED bulbs have a high color rendering index which means that these bulbs render colors that are accurate in comparison with an ideal source of light. 

    Advantages of type A-style LED bulb

    Energy-efficiency: These bulbs have a high energy-efficiency and convert more than 95% of the electricity consumed into light while losing just 5% of the energy as heat. 

    Long-lasting: These bulbs have a long life of more than 15,000 hours which means that you won’t need a replacement for your A-style LED bulbs for a long time. 

    Eco-friendly: These LED bulbs consumed a fraction of energy compared to traditional bulbs and are therefore highly eco-friendly.