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Modern Lighting for Lifestyle Stores

When setting up a lighting fixture for your lifestyle store, there are a lot of questions to answer “how to highlight the latest trends of your stores, is the lighting fixture has been installed at the right place and much more.

While selecting the lighting, there are many retailers who are just new to all these lighting stuff, so what do they do? Well!! We have many cases like these. It’s no surprise to get these kinds of case. That's why we are here for, at LEDMyplace, we have solved many real-life lighting problems.

With the help of our expert engineers, we have designed LED indoor lighting fixtures that fit your lifestyle store space. Retailers don’t just start-up the clothing and lifestyle store for customers to buy clothes and accessories, you can set an ambiance with an aroma and slow music and perfect lighting output.

Apart from the lighting, all other things you can do by yourself but selecting a lighting fixture can be challenging for you.

Note: In the recent study, Zumtobel claims a lifestyle store in Germany saw its sales has been increased by 12% as compared to other local stores after it installed a new lighting fixture specially designed to attract the prominent profiles or its targeted audience.

Does Your Lighting Solution Fail to Highlight the Products?

In showrooms, you keep a wide variety of choices so that your customer can select the exact item what they are looking for. But is your lighting fixture taking a stand for you?

led eyeball downlights

To improve your lighting output quality, there is no need to spend dollars on the costly lighting set up. Just remember two features to improve lighting output.

The color temperature of the fixture would be near to 5000K with the 90+ CRI (Color Rendering Index). These two helps you see the drastic change in your store. Generally, the customer usually checks their self in the mirror for the trial of the new outfit. At this moment which lighting fixture would you install which directly emits the light on mirror???

Got Confused? At this critical moment, LED Eyeball Downlight will help you. You can install this fixture to your ceiling and adjust the beam angle wherever you want.

Do you have the lighting fixtures that suit your theme?

Lighting is one those thing that can be easily taken for granted. It’s sort of like cell phone service, most of the retailers don’t pay attention to it.

While selecting the theme for the store, we pay so much attention just to make a reputation in the market, whereas we use fluorescent tubes for the lighting purpose. Most of the people don’t even notice the lighting fixture but its effect on their shopping for something new.


Which certain product you should go with?

Old and inefficient lighting solution will not only tear down the style of your style but also will be costly for you in terms of lighting cost. And who knows, how long it would illuminate the space.

Lighting Fixture Pro Tip

While selecting a lighting fixture for your lifestyle, always think about how you want customers to feel while shopping.

LED Disk Light, it is an Energy Star certified lighting fixture which is slim and sleek fixture design. The physical appearance of this fixture suits with any type of fixture and it is easy to install and creates a pleasant atmosphere to your store.

Up To You…

Now, It is totally up to you what kind of atmosphere you want to create for your store. At our online store, you would get the Energy Star certified LED Downlights which make you eligible for the rebate. We have helped many retailers to save their money and also revive their space with energy-efficient lighting fixtures.

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