How to Decide on Warehouse Lighting Fixtures for High Illumination?

How to Decide on Warehouse Lighting Fixtures for High Illumination?


A commercial premise requires proper and consistent lighting to promote a productive and secure environment to improve its overall functioning. If we take an example of the warehouse, you may go with warehouse lighting fixtures to light up the entire area. But maintenance cost is another key aspect that you should take into consideration to keep the utility bills pocket friendly. Well, bad lighting in a warehouse can be the reason for several issues, such as flickering, uneven distribution of light, bad contrast, and much more. These small problems can create a worse environment that prevents workers from delivering productive performance consistently.

Improving the lighting quality of a warehouse requires plenty of aspects, and the blog will help you to determine your needs. Plus, you will also understand which process you must use while choosing warehouse lighting fixtures.

Warehouse Lighting Terms for Commercial Premise

Well, here are some lighting terms that you will encounter while going through the collection of warehouse lighting. If you get familiar with these terms, it will benefit you to understand which lighting fixture will suit your needs and deliver the expected results. Let’s take a look at the points mentioned below.


A lumen is the measurement of the amount of light produced by a light source. If the light source produces high illumination, the lumens value is higher.


The lux is the SI unit of illumination, which is equal to one lumen per square meter. In simple words, the lux is calculated by providing an amount of illumination over an area of one square meter. The value of lux increases according to the amount of uniformly distributed light at a distance of a square meter.

A Footcandle

A footcandle is a non-SI unit of illumination that measures the light intensity at a certain point. Even after knowing about the lumens output, you should consider the footcandle value because it shows the amount of brightness falling at an exact point.

Warehouse Lighting Plan

Creating a lighting plan will help you to get a better or more precise idea about which type of warehouse lighting can be used. A plan creation process requires the dimensions of your warehouse and a few other key details. Some details are as follows: - 

  • A total width, length, and height
  • The reflectivity of the ceiling, floor, and wall
  • Location of existing lighting fixtures
  • Types of existing fixtures
  • The intrusion of natural light

After considering these points, you can effectively determine the lighting fixture you require to light up your warehouse. Well, warehouse lighting has several types of lighting fixtures, but high bay LED lights are usually more beneficial than others. This is because they are specially designed to illuminate warehouses, factories, and some other commercial premises.

Common Considerations to choose Warehouse Lighting Fixtures

When it comes to lighting up a warehouse, almost every place requires particular lighting needs that you can fulfill by installing a perfect lighting fixture. Still, you have to take into account some key factors that help you to complete your lighting needs without any hassle.

  • In terms of lighting common areas such as locker rooms, exhibition halls, and other large manufacturing places, you can use a lighting fixture that provides a low amount of footcandles. Then, with ease, you can provide sufficient lighting to these areas.
  • If you want to illuminate open warehouses, auto sales lots, and conference rooms, you need a number of footcandles more than the lower value. It usually ranges from 20-50 footcandles.
  • In some places where you need sufficient brightness, such as showrooms, gyms, halls, and others, you can go with a range of footcandles that fall between 50 to 100 value.
  • On the other hand, some high-precision places like professional gyms and others require a minimum number of footcandle of 100, and it will range up to 200 footcandles.
  • If you have a place where you want to complete your prolonged visual tasks, you should use 500-1000 footcandles.

How Many Lighting Fixtures are Needed?

It will be simple for you to understand the number of fixtures when you decide on the size and needs of your warehouse. Primarily, you must decide the number of warehouse lighting fixtures required to provide a significant amount of lighting. The collection of warehouse lights comes in a variety of sizes, and it is important to check the specifications of the lighting fixture you are supposed to use in your warehouse. Well, you can easily understand all the details of any light to enhance team member safety and productivity. Also, you can get a calculation of lumens output by determining the size of your warehouse.

When you know a piece of detailed information about the lighting terms, warehouse planning, considerations, and the number of lighting fixtures, you will effortlessly light up the area. Along with this, you should consider aisles, cabinetries, and some other fixtures in your warehouse that can create dark spots. According to these elements, you will easily decide on warehouse lighting fixtures to illuminate your entire premise with high brightness.

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