If You Are Classy, Why Isn’t Your Bathroom Mirror?

If You Are Classy, Why Isn’t Your Bathroom Mirror?

Last week when I went to a friend’s home, I noticed that they have a huge well-furnished house. However, my awe was short-lived and upon entering the bathroom, I realized that even classy people can make not-so-classy choices. Feeling duty-bound, I informed them about Lighted vanity mirrors and how these can transform the look of their bathroom. 

The most important yet often overlooked part of our house, washrooms are a sacred place of solace and tranquility which some of us cherish the most. So when it comes to choosing the mirror for washrooms, why settle for anything less than the best. 

Vanity mirrors are the answer to all your bathroom mirror questions. These large stylish mirrors which were until now something that celebrities would buy are accessible for all.  

LED Vanity Mirrors are the ultimate washroom experience which will not only boost your confidence but will also be a style statement. 

Let us have a detailed look at these amazing pieces of indoor lighting equipment and its features.

led vanity mirror

What are LED Vanity Mirrors?

Conventional mirrors however stylish used to lack one thing, an inbuilt light source which can enhance the view of the mirror. LED Vanity Mirror filled this gap and now they are slowly but gradually overtaking the suspended mirror market. 

These mirrors, having an LED strip fixed on the mirrors in designer shapes, throw light on the person standing in front of the mirror thus making the person look vibrant.

These mirrors having professional quality can be used for all types of grooming routines. From high-end make-ups to cleaning, shaving, all that there can be included in grooming, is a perfect use case of these mirrors. 

These mirrors are not just stylish, but also have a set of power-packed features that make these mirrors a preferred choice. 

Here are the main features of these LED Vanity mirrors

LED Vanity mirrors are as functional as they are stylish. This is proven by the long list of features that these mirrors have. Here are some of the features of LED vanity mirrors.

  • Backed by the LED technology:  Harnessing the power of LED technology, the light embedded in these lights is far more superior than previous lighting technology which was lacking in efficiency, longevity, quality of lighting and other similar things.
  • Energy-efficient: LED convert 95% of the electricity they consume into light thus the efficiency of these lights is unmatched. This also means that these lights are good for the planet because they demand less energy from the grid to produce an equal amount of light as would a traditional light with a higher wattage.
  • High CRI: CRI or color rendering index is a measure of how true the colors are which are rendered by any given light. The CRI is measured between 0 to 100 where 0 means that all the colors look the same and 100 means the colors are as accurate as they would be under daylight. CRI for all LED lights in whatsoever category hovers around 80, but for vanity mirrors, this is 90.
  • Long-lasting: The power that makes these vanity mirrors efficient, also makes these mirrors long-lasting. LEDs undergo a stringent testing period of 50,000 hours. This makes them so invincible that they last for an average of 5.7 years is used 24 hours a day. This means that once you install your mirror you won’t have to worry about a replacement for a fairly long time. (unless you break the mirror that is)

    • In-built defogger: Keeping your mirror fog-free will not be a hassle for you with these mirrors as they have an inbuilt defogger that keeps the mirror free of fog and saves you the effort of cleaning it manually.
    • Various color temperatures:  These vanity mirrors have the capability to operate at different color temperatures, which means that you can see your look under different conditions. For example, you can check how you would look in indoor settings and how you would look in daylight, etc.
    • CCT Color remembrance: Unlike vanity mirrors of the last generation, these LED vanity mirrors have the capability of remembering the color temperature at which these mirrors were last used. This saves the hassle of manually setting the color temperature each time you use the product.  
    • Waterproof: Obviously! What good a BATHROOM vanity mirror would be if it is not waterproof.  

    Now that we know all the features of using these LED vanity mirrors, we shall now look at the different types of vanity mirrors available.

    Types of vanity mirrors 

    LED vanity mirrors come income in various shapes and sizes. The most prominent of those are: 

  • 24 by 36 inch: This mirror is perfect for a medium-sized bathroom. The rectangular shape of this mirror gives you a large elongated viewing angle which will give you a full-body view. 

  • 36 by 36 inch: This square-shaped mirror looks beautiful on a long bathroom wall and gives you an immersive image of yourself when you look through this mirror Square-shaped. 

  • 36 by 48 inch: This huge bathroom mirror is suitable for large bathrooms where there is a lot of space for not only the mirror but also the room for a comfortable makeover experience. 

  • 22 inch round: This is a small vanity mirror which is a power-packed rocket in a small package. Having all the benefits of larger vanity mirrors, this one has a distinct advantage of being able to be used in small places.

  • All in all, vanity mirrors are now starting to penetrate the hearts and minds of the consumers. With the demand for LED technology on a steady rise, there are projections that LED lighting will represent 86% of all lighting sales by 2035. With this steady rise, the price of LEDs will gradually come down and products which are expensive and only affordable by some will become a new normal in every household across America. 
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