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Installation and After Care Guide: LED Vanity Mirrors

led vanity mirrors
led vanity mirrors
led vanity mirrors
led vanity mirrors

Our collection's LED Vanity Mirrors offer impressive features like inbuilt defogger and magnifying glass for enhanced functionality and ease of use. The LED-lit mirrors are suitable for installation in Bathroom Zones 2, 3, and non-bathroom/dry indoor areas. 

 led bathroom mirror

The image that follows depicts various bathroom zones for your reference:

  • Zone 0: The inside of a bath or shower is zone 0. Any installation in this bathroom zone must be low voltage, (max 12V) and offer at least an IP67 rating for immersion-proof electrical fittings. 
  • Zone 1: Zone 1 is the area above the bath. It extends to a height of 2.25m from the floor. For a 240V installation, you'll have to use a 30mA residual current device (RCD) to protect the circuit in this zone. Also, an IP65 rating is mandatory for Zone 1 electrical fittings. 
  • Zone 2: The area stretching 0.6m outside the bath's perimeter and to a height of 2.25m from the floor comes under Zone 2. This bathroom zone needs at least an IP44 rating. It is better to consider the area around a washbasin (within a 60cm radius of any tap), as zone 2, to keep things on the safe side. 
  •  Zone 3: Zone 3 is anywhere outside zones 0, 1, and 2 (subject to specific limits). It is a zone where the use of water jets is not likely. Zone 3 installations don't need to be compliant with standard IP ratings. 

Albeit, if there is the possible use of the water jets in zones 1, 2, and 3, you must use a fitting that comes with a minimum rating of IP65.

NOTE: The installation process for all vanity mirrors from LEDMyplace is simple, fast, and almost the same. If you are well-versed with basic knowledge of electrical wiring, and practice of surface drilling, the installation will be easy. Nonetheless, if seeking a professional seems safer, go for it!

Given below is a list of items you'll need to perform a successful LED vanity mirror installation:

  • Safety Glasses
  • Drilling Machine
  • Drill Bits
  • Screw Drivers
  • Wall Plugs
  • Z mirror clips
  • French Cleat Bracket
  • Anchor Bolts
  • Z mirror clips
  • Spirit Level
  • Measuring Tape
  • Wire Terminal Plate
  • Pencil (for marking)

Before going through the installation process, ensure:

  • Inspecting the product as soon as you receive the delivery and make sure there is no damage.
  • Handling the product with care, protecting sides, and edges of the glass against accidental damages.
  • Having all the tools, you need to perform a successful installation.
  • There are no hidden pipes or cables in the wall before drilling. 
    • If installing the mirror on drywall, make sure to drill in the center of the wall studs. 
    • If drilling holes in ceramic tiles, use a piece of masking tape on the tile to prevent the drill bit from slipping.
  • Turning off the domestic electrical mains supply that will supply electrical current to your vanity mirror. 

 Installation Process:

Note: Ensure that all-electric work should follow the National Electrical Code (ANSI/NFPA)70. 

 led vanity mirrors

  • Hold the mirror before the mounting spot, and take a good look at its positioning. Also, Measure the distance between the gourd hole centers on the back of the mirror.

 Hold the mirror before the mounting spot

  • Once you are happy with the spot you chose to install the LED vanity mirror, mark the drilling points.

mark the drilling points

  • Use a spirit level to ensure that the drill points lie on a horizontal line. 

drill points

  • Drill holes on the markings.

Drill holes on the markings

  • Insert the wall plugs with caution.

Insert the wall plugs with caution.

Insert the wall plugs with caution

  • Put the screws to the wall plugs. The screw head should protrude approximately 5mm (or more) from the hole. 
  • Depending on the type of mirror you bought, it will offer French Cleat Bracket or z mirror clip style installation. Thus, you may have to screw the French Cleat Bracket and Z mirror clips on the wall.

 led mirrors

    • If your mirror offers French Cleat Bracket installation, ensure that it has a hanging cleat (bracket) on the back. 

    • Place the cleat on the wall bracket and secure the mirror in place.
    • If your mirror needs a Z mirror-style installation, place the gouts on the screws and hang it.

    • Secure the Z mirror clips on the bottom sides of the mirror.

  • Check whether or not the installation is secure. 

  • Using a Wire Terminal Plate, Connect the power cord and hardwire to the power supply (junction box).

Checking The Mirror after Installation:

  • Touch Switch (Changing the CCT and brightness)
  • Touch the lit area of the one-touch switch to turn the LED light on or off.
  • Press and hold the lit area of the touch switch to change the brightness of the light.
  • To change the color appearance (Warm or Cool-white), tap the one-touch button, and stop when you get the desired light effect.
  • Turn off the mirror, then turn it on. As the mirror comes with CCT Remembrance fear, the color appearance that you had set before should still be the same. 
  • Now, flat touch more than 80% area of the one-touch switch and increase its sensitivity.
  • Mirror Defogger
  • Once you connect the mirror to a power source, the defogger will work automatically. However, the anti-fog function will start working after 5 minutes of turning on the mirror.

 After Care Instructions:

Always switch off the electrical supply at the mains during maintenance.

Cleaning & Maintenance: 

  • Turn off your LED Vanity Mirror and clean it with a soft, dry, non-abrasive cloth. Never use harsh chemical cleaning agents or abrasive material on any surface finish. 
  • Do not strike glass components with hard or pointed items. (such as a knife, eyelash curler, etc.)
  • Do not place boiling or cold items against (or near) the glass surface. Wiping off all water spillages as soon as possible using a soft, damp cloth will help keep the mirror in a mint condition for years to come!
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