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Introduction And Benefits of LED Warehouse Lighting with Motion Sensor

LED Warehouse Lighting
LED Warehouse Lighting
LED Warehouse Lighting
LED Warehouse Lighting


LED warehouse lighting has become a dynamic way to enhance visibility in the commercial space. The lights that are used for industrial warehouse lighting purposes have many benefits like better lighting, energy efficiency, cost-efficiency, longevity, and other amazing benefits.

Nowadays, warehouse light fixtures like high bay lights UFO and linear high bay LED lights are available with several amazing features that promote the light’s performance and efficiency. The motion sensor is one of the best features that make investing in LED warehouse lights an excellent choice.

Furthermore, the sales of LED UFO lights with motion sensors have increased immensely in the past few years because lights with motion sensors tend to last longer than normal LED high bay lights. Moving on, you will learn some necessary information about LED Warehouse Lighting with motion sensors and their benefits.

What is a motion sensor?

 LED Warehouse Lighting

As it is understood by its name, the motion sensor is a feature that starts to work as soon as the light detects motion or movement. Considering the fact that several warehouse owners are switching to motion sensor-enabled LED lights for their industrial warehouse lighting because these lights run comparatively longer than typical LED lights.

Moving on, motion sensor lights are automatic that detect motion and work accordingly. For instance, when light detects motion around a specific radius, it will glow with its highest illumination level, but it will start to dim down when there is no motion for about 45-50 seconds. Again, this is an automatic process that works on its own.

However, you can also control the motion sensor feature with the help of remote control. In addition, High Bay LED Light with a motion sensor can help in reducing energy consumption by 30-40%. Compared to typical LED lights, this is quite excellent because the lesser the LED lights consume electricity, the more it will benefit in sustaining the energy.

How do motion sensors work on LED warehouse lighting?

 LED Warehouse Lighting

UFO High Bay Lights are supposed to be hung on ceilings that are 13 feet or above tall. This way, the lights can make sure to illuminate every possible corner of the warehouse without leaving any dark corners behind. Many things about warehouse light fixtures make them a superior choice for lighting warehouses. Features like high CRI, a suitable color temperature, wide angle illumination, longer lifespan, dimmable, etcetera. These features keep evolving in order to make the lights better. The motion sensor is one of the evolved features that makes LED warehouse lighting a better option.

Like any motion sensor-enabled light, the LED warehouse lighting with a motion sensor works the same way. The dimmed light turns fully illuminated as soon as it detects any movement and starts to dim again when there is no motion detected for quite some time.

LED UFO lights are preferred for their wide beam angle illumination that helps in dispersing lights to every extent of the comprehensive location like the warehouse. The beam angle illumination has an exquisite reach that eliminates any blind spots and dark corners when the light disperses its full brightness.

How does the motion sensor work?

 LED Warehouse Lighting

A motion sensor work by detecting the motion. Comprised of an infrared ray detector, it starts functioning when an activity or motion is detected via the sensor’s infrared rays.

Sensing the body temperature of living beings, the automatic sensor sends signals to the LED warehouse lighting fixture, increasing the light’s brightness. 

Some facts about the motion sensor:

  • If the LED warehouse light has a motion sensor and a living being like a bird or an animal passes from its radius, the motion sensor will automate even when there is no human being nearby.
  • The LED warehouse lighting will relentlessly glow until it stops detecting motion.
  • The motion sensor-enabled warehouse light fixtures contain an in-built timer that gives signals to the fixture to stop if it does not detect motion for about 30-40 seconds. Thus, the light will automatically turn off in a no-motion detection scenario.

What are the benefits of motion sensor lights?

LED warehouse lighting with motion sensors contains several efficient benefits:

  • Motion sensor high bay lights UFO is cost-effective and does not require fixture change for an impressive period of time.
  • This LED warehouse lighting is energy-efficient as it consumes less energy than typical warehouse light fixtures. Also, the motion sensor ensures to keep the lights turned off during non-operational hours or when no motion is detected.
  • With a lifespan of about 50,000 hours or more, the motion sensor-enabled industrial warehouse lighting promotes longevity. These lights have double the operational hours compared to the LED UFO lights without a motion sensor.
  • The motion sensor type for lighting warehouse is an environmentally-friendly option that has long-term benefits.
  • Since the lights can work when it detects motion only, it has no hazardous effects.

Where are motion sensor-enabled warehouses light fixtures used?

 LED Warehouse Lighting

High bay light plays an integral role in several commercial locations where effective lighting is a must. The LED warehouse lighting disperses even illumination and creates a safe and sound working environment to avoid any unforeseen contingencies. Adding on, opting for an LED warehouse strategy also helps increase work productivity in several locations. Popular locations where LED warehouse lighting with motion sensors is used are:

  • Warehouses
  • Workshops
  • Factories
  • Industrial areas
  • Airports and carports
  • Departmental stores
  • Basketball courts and gymnasiums
  • Garages
  • Community halls
  • Showrooms
  • Food banks


In the end, we can conclude that as time and technology tends to move and evolve, some excellent technologies have taken a revolutionary turn in the market. The lighting industry has shifted its focus from just high-performance lights to LED lights with efficient features.

These features are proving to be fruitful for both consumers and the environment. Lighting warehouse with motion sensor lights can help increase the productivity of tasks and the longevity of the light. In addition, the motion sensor can be entirely automatic and can be initiated with the help of remote control. 

Moreover, upgrading the LED warehouse with motion sensor lights is an excellent way to promote illumination in the space. Plus, it will help the warehouse light fixtures to work longer than conventional lights.

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Motion Sensor – Integrated within the light.

Michael Johnson

Where is the motion sensor actually located ? Is it built into the light or is it something separate the is mounted on the ceiling or High up on the wall somewhere ?


need more details…we are doing projects on forklift guided system through cameras.

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