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Key Points To Remember When Choosing UFO LED High Bay Lights!

UFO LED High bay Lights
UFO LED High bay Lights
UFO LED High bay Lights
UFO LED High bay Lights

UFO LED high bay lights are needed wherever you need lighting for industrial and commercial business purposes such as in factory and warehouse settings or even gymnasiums, automobile garages and workshops. These centers of businesses require lighting that allows you to focus on your tasks so as to achieve perfection at those tasks. To the uninitiated and unaware, the UFO LED high bay lights are luminaires that are usually suspended from ceilings ranging in heights from 20ft and above for ‘overhead lighting’. Further, these are lights that emit light with a beam angle of 120 degrees for wider coverage of any central working area.

The following are the key points you must keep in mind before making UFO LED high bay lights as your ultimate choice.

UFO LED Lights

The Area of Application And Lux Levels Required

How big is your area? If it’s a warehouse or factory, the minimum amount of lux (lumens/sq. meter) that would be required is 150 in comparison to workshops or garages where the requirement would be not less than 500-750 lux. In order to accurately calculate lux levels for your area of application, you must know the beam angle of the luminaire (which is let’s say 120 degree), the lumens it emits and the total distance from the light source that needs to be illuminated.

The Quality of Light         

Is the UFO LED high bay as a luminaire glare-free and spreads even and uniform light besides emitting sufficient amount of lumens? And, should you consider just the lumens or wattage too? Because, it’s the luminous efficacy that is the key factor when deciding upon the least energy-consuming light fixture and that at high level of brightness. In order to calculate the luminous efficacy of UFO LED high bay lights by a reputed manufacturer, divide the total number of lumens by wattage. If it’s high in comparison to any conventional warehouse light (e.g. metal-halide), your choice is then right.

Human-Centric Lighting

Imagine light to be dull, dim and of orange or yellowish hue. How would you feel? Will you not feel lethargic? So, is the light that gets emitted from the luminaire mimics natural light or sunlight that energizes us? The UFO LED high bay if comes in daywhite light (5700K) is perfect for warehouse or any other business house as it increases focus and attention and results in enhanced productivity.     

Light Controllers

Can the luminaire be controlled to dim in intensity during the workers’ downtime for additional savings in energy and for a change in ambience from extreme activeness to a relaxed one. Does the light fixture also have motion sensor in it for performing a dual role such as protection from intruders when you are away and also for savings in energy?         

Safety Certifications And Rebate Eligibility

In case of electrical products, safety of product use is highly important as there may be chances of fire or safety hazard. If UFO LED high bay lights are UL or ETL certified, you can be assured that the products are safe for use as those products have gone through rigorous testing conditions. Other certifications such as DLC certification not only assures you of high-quality product but rebate-eligibility. Imagine yourself to be buying UFO LED high bay lights in bulk and not getting rebates.


All that said, you should also be aware of manufacturer’s warranty as that assures you that the manufacturer or service provider is reliable and trustworthy.   

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