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LED Canopy Light For Gas stations -- The Incentives It brings Along!

LED Canopy Light For Gas stations
LED Canopy Light For Gas stations
LED Canopy Light For Gas stations
LED Canopy Light For Gas stations

LED canopy light is an outdoor light fixture that is superior to conventional metal-halides and can adequately illuminate the exterior area of any gas station by being mounted on the soffit/canopy from behind the deck. Being available in slim and sleek design with just the right kind of wattage and lumen output, an LED canopy light can bring along incentives in the form of reduced energy bills, low maintenance and no replacement costs for as long as it lasts. There are several case studies which point towards the sudden growth in revenues recorded by gas stations. One such example is of BP gas stations where they upgraded their conventional light fixtures to outdoor canopy lights and recorded significant energy-savings.

To continue further on gas station lighting, let’s first understand the challenges the conventional light bulbs such as metal-halides pose and then move on to understand the ‘benefit package’ LED canopy light brings along.   

The Challenges Posed By Conventional Gas Station Light Fixtures

The following are the major challenges any conventional gas station light such as fluorescent or metal-halide poses.

  • The lack of safety features in such lights can cause hazard if the petroleum as a combustible hydrocarbon catches ignition through such lights carrying electric charges.
  • The conventional gas station lights if left On for long hours -- a requirement by almost every gas station -- lose brightness (in other words, loss of lumens) over time.
  • The metal-halides wherever used for long hours of operation consumes significant energy to weigh you down with increased energy bills month after month.   
  • The conventional gas light needs replacement more than once within 3 years that brings along significant costs.
  • The conventional gas station light need not be protected against all kinds of weather conditions such as high or low-temperature condition, dust or moisture.

The lighting designers who came up with an LED canopy light could easily overcome the above weaknesses to present to you the following benefits and to let your business stand out from your competitors.

led canopy lights

The Benefits of LED Canopy Light Fixtures  

The Curb Appeal

To begin with, having an LED canopy light at your gas station would mean increased curb appeal, when drivers feel safe to come down to your gas station, stop by and engage in impulse purchase of fast food items or beverages even when gas is not purchased.

The Right Kind of Ambience

It’s not just a bright light with an LED canopy light but the right kind of ambiance when you feel energetic and better while taking a long road trip. If an LED canopy light is available in 5700K, it means you have a luminaire with a daywhite light color temperature. This color temperature has more white with a little bit of bluish hues that can be perfect for drivers requiring focus, attention, and detail.   

Durability and Excellent Thermal Management

The LED canopy lights by reputed manufacturers will always be available in aluminium housing to make the fixture robust for resistance to external tampering of any kind. The aluminium besides being durable acts as an internal heat-sink to eliminate any unwanted heat to let the fixture remain cool and operative for long hours of operation.

Rating For Wet locations

Whether it’s raining or hot outside, you as a gas station owner do want to have your business conducted to make maximum revenues. The LED canopy lights have been designed for use in gas stations and so you can safely rely on them in all weather conditions. These lights have an IP65 rating to prevent ingress of moisture.      


As discussed already, when you switch from any conventional gas station light, you can save up to 75% in energy consumption. On top of this, if you get a dimmable LED canopy light, that’s a value-addition as that brings not only an increase in savings (by dimming the light when not needed) by creating a relaxed ambiance.

The Bottom Line

LED canopy lights do carry a host of other benefits as well such as long lifespan, no harmful radiation and flicker-free lighting besides the ones mentioned in this blog. By all means, there can not be a better choice for you, if you are looking for the perfect kind of light fixture for your gas station.  

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