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LED Lighted Vanity Mirror - How Does It Solve Everyday Problems?

LED Vanity Mirror
LED Vanity Mirror
LED Vanity Mirror
LED Vanity Mirror

Technology has been constantly upgrading since its inception and no doubt, we come across it every day. We clearly see the penetration of technology into our livelihood -- from boiling water in our kitchen to traveling by our car to work.

One such technological advancement in lighting is LED Vanity Mirror. It’s no surprise to see two or more concepts collaborating to form a product that solves real-life problems. In the above-mentioned mirror, a combination of mirror and LED light brings the most elegant output to space.

We have seen tremendous applications of LED Mirrors at home, hotel, boutique and other places where there is an instant need of looking at a mirror under natural lighting. LED Vanity Mirror doesn’t emit the normal light but CRI 90+ light output to improve the quality of object visibility.

In this blog post, we will be covering why LED lighted mirror is an ideal choice to enhance the glamor of the space and usage of the mirror is at one of the highest priority, for example, bathrooms and boutique for makeup.

Does LED vanity lighted mirror become the best choice for bathrooms?

The simple answer is YES. This mirror comes with more than just lighting to fit the bathroom arena. Considering the bathroom as a place where moisture stays high, normal mirrors don’t stand a chance to compete again the later technology.

Mirror with LED lights comes with an inbuilt defogger to remove the pain of cleaning the mirror after every shower from the equation. The mirror automatically turns the defogger ON (It take 5 mins to get the defogger turned on after the continuous flow of power supply.)

Talking about the case when you need to instantly check yourself after a cold or hot shower is a cultural habit -- automatic defogging in LED bathroom lighted mirror supports it really well.

Why do we suggest Vanity lighted mirror for makeup application?

It’s for women that love to look great when they go out. We have come across women saying the makeup they under the natural light is more authentic than doing it under a home ceiling light.

LED Vanity Mirror For MakeupWhy? Natural sunlight has the capability to show the true color of the object and you feel the rush of satisfied look when going out with friends and family for any reason in that case.

LED vanity mirror to have 90+ CRI, that is, Color Rendering Index, the ability of the light to render the true color of the object. Technically, the more the CRI, the better the quality of the object visibility. In simple words, the glamor and beauty that it supports are authentic.

That is why Lighted mirror is trending among beauty salons and boutiques.

How can you be sure that the LED lighted mirror give out the right color of the light?

Let’s remove the confusion, it doesn’t give out a single color but the all the white light options are integrated into it. How?

The LED lighted mirror has all the color temperature ranging from 3000K to 6000K and it’s changeable with a single touch button until you find your right choice.

The below image shows the difference in different color temperatures.

Color temperatureWe have seen many comfortable having a bit yellowish light while others go ahead with a bluish one. The color temperature has become an uncommon choice among the individuals -- and to reduce the tension, the lighted mirror provides a color range which can be customized easily.

One question we usually get is -- Do I have to set the right color temperature every time I turn the mirror ON?

The answer is NO, remembrance technology is embedded into the mirror and it helps the mirror to remember the last set color temperature. It simply means, once you set the desired color temperature, you don’t have to worry about the setting it up again after the turning ON the mirror.

Up to you…

Besides the lighting application, LED lighted vanity mirrors comes in different designs to match the ambiance of the space. We have helped hundreds of residential and commercial units to save money on their lighting bills with LED lights and also rejuvenate the space with glamor and luxury.

Have you bought an Lighted Vanity Mirror before or planning to buy one? Let us know in the comments.

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