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Let’s Know About the Benefits of Direct Wire T8 LED Tubes

led tube lights
led tube lights
led tube lights
led tube lights

Since the introduction of LED lamps, the T8 LED's architecture has been refined to provide a reliable linear light source. LED Tubes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including Type A, Type B, and Hybrid.

As compared to a conventional fluorescent bulb, the Type B T8 LED provides numerous benefits. Let's start with the light quality and performance that T8 LED tube lights from LEDMyplace provide.

Light Output of T8 LED Tube Light

direct wire t8 led tube lights

The Type B T8 LED Tube offers many advantages over fluorescent tubes, including a wide range of color temperatures, instant-on light, and a high lumen count.

Plug and Play T8 LED Bulbs have an instant-on capability, so you won't have to wait for your fluorescent tubes to heat up to get light. The T8 LED Tube 18W has a high lumen count of 2200 lm, so you'll have plenty of light to ponder on the job at hand.

You won't have to worry about light discoloration or brightness fading with an LED bulb. With T8s, there is no degradation of light quality over time.

LEDs come in a variety of color temperatures, so your office won't be bathed in a sickly green glow. T8 LED Tube Lights are available in 4000K (Cool White), 5000K (Daylight), and 6500K (Daylight Deluxe, which appears silver) color temperatures, allowing you to light your room with the right light quality.

The quality of light never fades in T8 LED tube lights like fluorescent tubes. The lack of phosphors and mercury in old fluorescents causes dimming, but none of these materials are used in LEDMyplace's T8 LEDs. Fluorescent lamp tubes are coated on the inside with phosphors, and mercury liquid is used in vapor form. In addition, since no inert gas is used inside the tube, T8 LEDs do not emit UV or IR light.

Light output is increased in T8 LED Tube Light Fixtures due to higher lumen count and a wide beam angle of 110-degrees to focus the light on the job at hand. The T8 LED tube lights to offer a bright, high lumen count. The T8 LED Tube Clear 18W includes brightness of 1800lm, 2520lm, 2400lm, 1710lm.

As compared to a fluorescent lamp, T8 LED Tube Lights provide CRI80+ for accurate color rendering and simple definition. A CRI of 80+ (on a scale of 0-100) is considered visually similar to sunlight. It draws attention to the colors and textures of an object illuminated by the T8 LED Tube Lights.

At first sight, the accurate color rendering does not seem to be a significant benefit, but when viewed under a low CRI light source, unnatural colors are visible to the human eye. In a task-oriented workspace or a retail space, where you want to accurately represent the colors and texture of the clothing or items on display, a high CRI has advantages. As compared to standard linear tubes, LED T8s offer more than just better light quality. A ballast bypass may also be beneficial.

No Ballast = Energy Savings

led tube lights no ballast

The ballast controls energy delivery to ensure that the required voltage, current, and waveform are present when a fluorescent tube or HID lamp is turned on and operated. T8 LEDs do not need this additional use of electricity, so eliminating the ballast saves you energy right away because you aren't losing energy to ballast draw. Each retrofitted fixture uses a few watts less without ballast. Do you think that's not right? With ballast in place for each fixture, you would find an increase in energy usage if you were lighting every floor of a tall office building, a large storage plant, or other industrial space.

Single-end (SEP) direct wire Type B LED Tubes, such as the T8 LED Tube Lights, were created as an upgrade to make the lights even more energy-efficient while also avoiding problems with ballast loss and maintenance tasks. The ballast is bypassed with T8 Type B LEDs, reducing the amount of electricity used. As a result, Type B LED tubes are more powerful than the others. To perform a ballast bypass and install new non-shunted sockets (tombstones), the retrofit process may take slightly longer than a Type A, but it is well worth the effort in the long run, particularly if several linear tube fixtures are in use.

Furthermore, unlike other LED tube types, Type B T8 LEDs do not need ballast compatibility with bulbs. Direct-wired Type B bypasses the ballast and draws power directly from the line voltage to the non-shunted tombstones.

Ballasts can fail and need to be replaced regularly. If the light on a fluorescent tube starts to pulse rapidly or dims, it's a sign that the ballast is failing. Ballast is not needed for Type B LED Tubes (SEP).

In comparison to a single LED T8 tube, a fluorescent T8 tube will need to be replaced 3.33 times on average. Another advantage of T8 LEDs is the cost savings. Maintenance costs are reduced, and less energy is used, resulting in cost savings for the end consumer. And more so when you consider that T8 LEDs outlast conventional fluorescent bulbs. 

Bulb Longevity

When compared to conventional bulbs, LED tubes have a higher return on investment (ROI). Fluorescent tubes have a life expectancy of 7,000 to 15,000 hours. In contrast, our T8 LED Tubes have a 50,000-hour lifespan! To equal the lifespan of a T8, you'd need about 3.33 fluorescent tubes, assuming the best-case scenario for that fluorescent tube. You will also spend more on electricity during this period.

t8 led tube lights

With T8s, the longevity of LED tubes is also a factor to consider. Fluorescent tubes are made of brittle glass that can quickly shatter. T8 LEDs, unlike fluorescent tubes, do not emit toxic mercury vapors. As a result, you can install T8 LEDs in light fixtures with confidence while retrofitting a shop light.

Another advantage of LED tubes over fluorescent tubes is that they are more energy-efficient. Modern fluorescent tubes tend to flame out quicker in high-traffic areas with frequent on/off switching. This is due to the absence of a pollution blend (on the filaments to assist with moving electrons throughout the gas inside the tube). LED tubes, on the other hand, are free of these problems. They also switch on instantly, eliminating the need to wait for the lights to wake up and turn on.

LED Tubes can also withstand lower temperatures. Basements, garages, storage rooms, freezers, and other cold-weather applications are suitable for T8 LED tube lights (4°F-104°F operating temperature). 

Buyer Benefits

T8 LED tube lights to favor the consumer because of their low wattage, which saves energy and lowers maintenance costs, as well as their long lifespan. T8 LEDs often come with certifications, moisture ratings, a generous warranty, and no special disposal requirements.

  • T8 LED tube lights offered by LEDMyplace are certified and UL Listed
  • Moisture Rating: Damp Rated
  • As compared to the heat emitted by a fluorescent tube, LEDs add little to the heat in an office or workspace, so you save on air conditioning costs.
  • • Disposal: It's all recyclable! T8 LED tube light does not need any special disposal. Unlike fluorescent tubes, which require a special pickup, T8 LEDs are non-hazardous to dispose of. We hope you will choose to recycle your consumed tubes.
  • We offer a 5-Year Warranty on our T8 LED Tube Lights

Although some experts advise against using other types of LED linear tubes because of the additional expense of making an electrician retrofit existing features to accommodate a direct wire bulb, a licensed electrician may easily rewire the line voltage on the light fixture after removing the ballast. Type B T8 LED Tubes (SEP) is a more effective alternative with bypass ballast, provides longevity with 50,000 lifetime hours and a host of robust attributes, and is non-hazardous to dispose of or recycle.

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