Top 10 Reason To Consider High Bay LED Light For Warehouse Space

Top 10 Reason To Consider High Bay LED Light For Warehouse Space

The Right Lighting Fixture At The Right Place…

When you browsing for a warehouse lighting solution, the topmost recommendation you’ll get is LED Lights. But, Why LEDs? In recent time, many warehouses and garage owners have replaced their traditional fixtures with the LED High Bay Lights, because of its efficiency.

A warehouse is a place where you’ll get any natural light because it is windowless halls and relatively high ceilings which creates more darkness. With the high ceiling, it takes more power intake to illuminate the whole wide space that leads to costly utility bills.

There is a gigantic difference between investing money and smartly investing money…

The performance of LED warehouse lighting is way better than metal halides and fluorescents. Traditional lighting sources consuming high wattage to illuminate the space, but it turns 85% of the intake to heat and rest of it converts to light.

Why Do Warehouse Need High Amount Of Light?

The reason for the requirement of a high amount of light is simple, we all know that the warehouse of wide space where is no natural light sources...

That is the reason, the warehouse needs a fixture which offers a huge amount of light...


Choosing the right LED lighting fixture for the warehouse increases the safety of workers and productivity while reducing the operating cost. Here are the most efficient lighting fixtures for the warehouse space.

UFO LED High Bay Lights


These UFO LED Lights are an impressive lighting evolution that has amazed many warehouse operator’s minds by reducing 75% utility bills. With the ton of advanced features, this fixture has gain people’s trust by illuminating the wide space at low power intake. No more giant metal halides or high-pressure sodium fixtures. Now they are modern, cool looking UFO LED High Bay Lighting which suits the wide space interior.

While using a UFO high bay light, you don’t need a reflector to expand the light. An ultra-wide beam angle is already there to illuminate the wide space.

led linear high bay lights


Linear High Bay Lights are the perfect solution for lighting garages, warehouse, workshops, auto shops, utility rooms, and more. Retrofit existing troffer light fixtures with the easy-to-install hanging procedure. They provide uniform lighting with minimal work and are designed to be used in place of fluorescent T8 tubes.

There are plenty of complete LED fixtures to try as well. These fixtures provide a scalable lighting experience with convenient pull chains. Vapor-tight fixtures are weatherproof, impact resistant, and can be used with optional motion sensors.


To save energy, LED lighting solutions with light management systems featuring presence detection are recommended: luminaires are only switched on if people are in the detection range.

Here are some things that a warehouse space required:

Bright Light: As the warehouse is a vast area, it requires a huge amount of light to make everything visible to see. To get the bright, a fixture must offer high lumen output.

Power Intake: Any fixture could offer better lighting output but the main thing is “How much energy they would consume?”. It is mandatory to check power consumption before making any decision.


A traditional lighting fixture can offer you a variety of features but why to consider LED High bay lights over traditional for warehouse space.

  • Energy Efficiency: The LED fixtures don’t consume high wattage to lighten up the wide space from the high ceiling. However, metal halides are used to works on high energy and used to heat up very quickly.
  • Size Available: The linear LED lights are available in the 2ft and 4ft which can be easily installed to space and emits lighting from the fall ceiling.
  • Equivalency: Let us describe this with an example: 150 UFO High Bay light is equivalent to 400W metal halide fixture. It means you’ll save 250W per fixture.
  • Light Shade: Apart from the savings, it is also necessary to check the light shade of the fixture. With the 4000K (Warm white light) and 5700K (Day white light), the fixture illuminates the space with bright light.
  • Light Quality: With the CRI of more than 80 of these indoor fixtures, the objects will look more natural and real when the light will fall on them.
  • Amount of Light: The lumen output decides the amount of light that shows the brightness of the fixture. The wider space you have the more lumens you need to illuminate the space.
  • Dispersion Angle: Out of the main important features of these LED appliances are that they can provide illumination in the 120-degrees angle making it easy to remove dark spots in an easier way. Also with this feature, you can keep the things kept even at the corner of the room more visible which otherwise are difficult to locate as the normal or metal halide light rays never reach to the extreme corners.
  • Lifespan: LED light has a lifespan of 50,000 hours and that means no replacement costs for 5-6 years.
  • Resistance: These LED high bay lights are water and rust proof and will not damage with rust or a drop of water on it; this is a very important thing to consider as many times due to inability to safeguard themselves from the rust and moisture, the lights at the commercial or residential places get damaged which requires huge repairing cost. But if you choose to use these LEDs you can enjoy better lighting without worrying about its damage due to rust and water, thanks to the IP 65 rating on these fixtures that make them more durable and strong.
  • Maintenance: As this fixture does work on low energy, it doesn’t need any maintenance until the lifespan ends. 

These are the main features that attract most of the warehouse operators because of its efficient and saves at least 90% of your money on lighting bills and saves maintenance. Along with that, it doesn’t let you compromise with the lighting requirements.

Why LEDs Are Becoming Famous In Lighting Industry?

After the US government has changed the lighting standards, many traditional, conventional, metal halides, HPS, and even incandescents were not able to match those standards. The main reason is that traditional includes toxic components which were against the new lighting standards. 

The LED lights have passed all these standards, that’s why the US government has banned the selling and purchasing the traditional fixtures.  Only the left out stock has been sold just to finish the stock.


Every lighting fixtures get assembled with the external devices that make the appliance more compatible and durable for the operator.

  • Dimmer: It is a device that allows you to lower the lighting output by fluctuating its voltage waveform. This process illuminates the space as you want and let you save money over costly lighting bills.
  • Motion Sensor: Firstly, it is an optional device that detects the motion and immediately turns on the light. After a few time, it automatically gets dim because of no motion detections.

These are the optional devices that keep you safe from costly utility bills.


We already know that most of the warehouse operators face a high operating cost. To reduce lighting bills start using “high bay LED light” can help you without letting you put extra efforts.

Reducing Operating Cost: The highly efficient smart LED fixtures can save up to 80% energy consumption compared to traditional lighting fixtures.

Increased Productivity: After installing this device to your space, the employees will experience better visibility and high concentration which lead to increases the productivity. Most of the traditional metal halides cause headache and eye-strain that make them lazy to work.

Maximum Cost Saving: By using this lighting appliance, you can save money on not only utility bills but also saves money on maintenance. Unlike metal halides, LED doesn’t require any costly maintenance, in fact,  these fixtures rarely need maintenance.

Enhance Safety Measurements: As compared with the metal halides, the LEDs are safer than them, How? Let’s check it out. To check the safety measures of a fixture, always check its certification badges. These badges show that the fixtures have been tested or not. LED High Bay Lights are UL, DLC, DLC Premium Listed which shows that the product has been tested for its performance.

It will not come out before, during, and after the long operational period. It doesn’t get short circuit and doesn’t catch fire while long working hours alike metal halides. In the name of safety, it doesn’t even pour toxic component to the surface such as mercury, UV, and IR rays which directly affects the health.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have received many questions about LEDs and many people question against its performance level. In this section of the article, we’ll solve some of them (mostly asked questions).

Ques1: What Is The Best LED Lighting For A Retail Shop?

Ans: Well,  to decide a lighting fixture for the specific, you need to know, how much wider your space is? After getting to know the measurements of your area, focus on the lumen output, not on wattage. Lumen specifies the brightness level of the fixture and wattage just shows the power consumption in numbers.

There are many fixtures available to installed in the retail shop but LED Linear High Bay Lights are the most famous for such kind of space.

Ques2: Are LED High Bay Light Better Than Metal Halides?

Ans: YES!!! Without any doubts. If you have any doubts just read the copy the question and search it google. You’ll find many answers on the internet, some of them will tell you the exact reason with the facts why LEDs are best and some of them just make any irrelevant reason to make bad rumors about the appliances.

Ques3: What Is The Difference Between LED Lights and Traditional Lighting Sources?

Ans: There are many differences between both the fixtures such as the LEDs do have a long life which the traditional comes with the shorter life that requires costly maintenance. 

After reading this article, we are quite sure that most of the problems have been solved. If you still have any queries in your mind, feel free to ask in the comment section below. We would love to solve your queries, also helps you with making a valuable and helps you to do a smart investment with the right appliance.

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