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Make Your Outdoor Parking Space More Secure

Outdoor Parking Space
Outdoor Parking Space
Outdoor Parking Space
Outdoor Parking Space

Getting an essential lighting fixture which delivers high lumen output to experience the positive environment in the outdoor parking lot is crucial. While choosing lighting fixtures is the most difficult task to do, it just takes a few minutes to consider what's the best fit.

LED outdoor lighting fixtures serve the purpose of safety and security to the parking space.

Where did the problem raise?

Most of the parking lot uses metal halide and HID lighting fixture to illuminate the space but they end up at spending a lot on lighting cost. Apart from the cost, the highlighted problem begins with low and blurry lighting output.

Because of the low lighting, many people face problems while parking their car. Moreover, many criminal activities such as robbery, eve teasing, threats and much more happened in the parking lots.

What is meant by “More Secure” in parking?

In recent years, operators have rapidly moved towards making the parking lot secure and safe for every visitor. To make car parking safe you should build install some securities cameras to keep a third eye on every movement.

Manufacture the space with quick and easy exit gates in case of an emergency and mishappening happen. Proper lighting output makes everything better for everyone.

What Products Should You Consider?

There are many few operators that are aware of the lighting fixtures which are suitable for the parking space and leads towards the low lighting cost after the use of 12 hours in the day.

Before purchase any LED lighting fixture for your space, you must keep these points in your mind:

  • Energy-saving
  • High lumen output
  • Lifespan

Adding outdoor parking lot lighting fixtures is a great way to increase the numbers of cars in your space. Here are some energy-efficient lighting fixtures in brief mentioned-below:

LED Pole Light: If you operate an open parking lot, then this fixture would be the best choice for you. This light installed at the pole, so it is must to have a pole before purchasing this LED lighting fixture. This fixture illuminates the space from the top of the pole.

Outdoor Parking Space

This fixture replaces the high wattage metal halide lighting fixture and reduces 75% energy consumption. This lighting fixture comes with the photocell sensor which turns on the light when any motion detects and notifies you when you are away.

LED Solar Street Light: To get the 100% energy-efficient lighting fixture must install LED Solar Street Lights. These lights offer the exact same output compared with the metal halide. It generates it’s energy directly from the sunlight and doesn’t operate from a power source.

It illuminates the space with the ultra wide beam angle at the wide scale. By installing this lighting fixture you don’t need to worry about the lighting cost of these fixtures except your other appliances.

LED Flood Lights: These lights install on the building wall to lighten up the parking lot and entrance. It comes with great energy-efficiency and high lumen output. This fixture comes with an optional feature of “photocell sensor” and “dimmable feature” which saves a lot on the energy bills and allows you to control the lighting fixtures on your tips.

LED Canopy Lights: This lighting fixture is manufactured to install on the T-shape parking lot if you have the same parking space. This LED light fixture would be an ideal fixture for space. It considers less space to mount on the fixture works the same as other LED lights.

At a Glance

Every parking lot must consider these above-mentioned lighting to keep their space more secure for others. LED Lighting fixtures have many benefits such as save money on lighting bills, illuminate the space with high lumen light, and reduce the chances of any criminal activities. If you want to know more about the products or have any query comment down below.

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