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The Color-Science Of Makeup And Lighted Vanity Mirrors

led vanity mirrors
led vanity mirrors
led vanity mirrors
led vanity mirrors

You looked in the bathroom mirror and thought is the best look your makeup could give you.

Now you look yourself in a mirror with lights at a hotel, and Voila! you look more stunning. 

So what went wrong? Is it just lights or your makeup skills?

Your makeup skills are all good. All you need to change is the lights, or if you want to have the best look your makeup could render consider using Bathroom mirrors with lights or vanity mirrors. 

The first step towards making the best out of lighting is to recognize which light do you actually want to use! Your appearance is sometimes more a subject to the lights you use instead of mirrors. 

Here are some lights you would probably choose if you buy your lights without researching correctly. 

To set you some basic context about the function of lighting, here are some insights;

  • The color tones you see in the mirror is due to the lights you use
  • Different colors render different color tones, which shifts the color science of the skin tones, i.e, changes the skin tones and colors of the makeup components

Fluorescent Lighting- 

Fluorescent lights are super bright, and high lumen output is never good for makeup purposes. Fluorescent lights overexpose the colors and generally blow out all the details, and can make you overput the makeup until you look great in that light. 

In natural lighting, your makeup would look terrible and overdone. 

Another issue with the high lumen output is the eye strain it causes. Consistently looking at your reflection in such a flickery environment causes unnecessary problems to the eyes and mood to some extent. 

You can never have good makeup in a bad mood and flickery lighting. 

Makeup and CFLs are not good companions at all. 

Colored Lights

led vanity mirrors


Red tones can not reflect blue colors, so red spots like pimples, dark circles will appear darker. This over darkening or underexposure results in overapplication of foundation creams to appear natural.  

Also, orange color tones can appear brownish, and blush and bronzer would look more brownish than it normally is. 

  • Red colors would appear darker
  • Orange colors will appear brownish 
  • Neutral colors appear warmer 

YELLOW LIGHT(2870 kelvins)

Yellow lights are rendered by the incandescent bulbs or by sun in the at sunset as well as sunrise. The color is warm because there is no blue to it, but has a lot of white colors.  This color is at least better than the blue lights, which only underdo or overdo any makeup you apply. 

Any makeup that has a yellow component to it will appear far more saturated or overly done. Blue tones of your makeup would appear significantly underdone. 

Blemishes and other spots would appear blown out., which will reduce the need for foundation and concealers.  


The lights given out by the sun has all the color tones and wavelengths to it. No matter what undertones of your skins, the reflection would be natural. White colors are therefore the best lights one could go for all the makeup needs. 

No matter what is the color tone of the make up component you use, colored makeups will look legit under such lights. 

Wear any color you want, every skin tone would appear true to life. This is one of the reasons why makeup artists love using white lights

How To Get More Of The Natural Light?

led vanity mirrors

Makeup under natural lights is one of the best options for makeups, but doing makeup under broad sunlight is not convenient all the time. 

How to get the natural light when it’s night? For this, one needs to have a source closest to the natural lights. 

For those cloudy days, and the night time when you can’t get those fresh rays, LED lights could be the best option. 

LED lights are certainly the best lights after the natural lights, as they closely resemble to the natural spectrum of sunlight. 

One can buy LED strip lights and stick them along the length and breadth of the mirrors. It’s possible but is not as convenient as it sounds. 

While installing these lights on bathroom mirrors, there are following things to consider

  • You Need Defogger- Bathrooms are damp places. There are vapors there more than any other place at your home. Vapors when they accumulate in the mirror, one needs a blower to wipe them up. This is what a defogger does. It wipes out the vapors as soon as they accumulate on the mirror surface.
    • You need IP rated lights- Any light to be installed in the bathroom mirror needs to be  IP rated. One needs IP65 rated strip lights for that. 

LED Vanity Mirror - An All In One Option

There is another list of components including the two mentioned above, which an Lighted Vanity Mirror carries. 

Here are some other features worth discussing-

CCT Remembrance-  Your mirror will remember the color temperature you had set it on before switching it off. This is a great feature often preferred by beauty experts.

Dimmer- Vanity mirrors are dimmable as well, so one can adjust the lumen output and create an ambiance they want.
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