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The Coolest Feature Of LED Flood Lights

The Coolest Feature Of LED Flood Lights
The Coolest Feature Of LED Flood Lights
The Coolest Feature Of LED Flood Lights
The Coolest Feature Of LED Flood Lights

Outdoor lighting plays an exceptive role to illuminate the wider space. LED Flood Lights are an ideal lighting fixture that brightens up the space better than metal halides. Most of the people purchase any lighting fixture for their without knowing the best features of it.

LED lighting appliances are known as an energy-efficient lighting fixture that reduces energy consumption as compared with the other fixtures.

But, LEDs are more than that. It is not just about to save energy and illuminate the space with brighter light.

In this article post, we’ll highlight the coolest features of this flood light.

  • Light Control
  • Water Resistance
  • Dissipation
  • Dispersion

These are the features that describe everything about the fixture.

Light Control

Outdoor lighting fixtures are considerably used to illuminate the wider space but. have you ever heard that you can control the lighting output? LED Flood Lights come with the dimmer (it is a device that controls the lighting output from 0V - 10V).

Basically, it controls the voltage waveform that dims and brightens the lighting output. By using dimmable lighting fixture, you can save more than 75% energy. I0t can lead you to save extra dollars on lighting bills.

Water Resistance

As it is an outdoor lighting fixture that means it can face many challenging weather conditions. This flood light can save itself from dust and water ingression. An IP65 rating justifies the protection level of the lighting fixture.


If we compare the metal halide lighting fixture with LED lighting fixtures, MH fixtures tend to heat-up quickly while the long operational hour. With the thermal heat dissipation, LED Flood Light doesn’t heat up after the long working hours.

The housing of aluminum alloy keeps the fixture safe from corrosion and rust. Aluminum is a good conductor to dissipate the heat instantly and it makes the fixture light in weight.

Lighting Diffusion

The lighting fixture is known for its illumination power. With this flood light, it comes with the betterment in the distribution of light such as the shade of light, quality of light, angle of dispersion, and amount of lighting output.

  1. The Shade of Light: - With the better white tint, a flood light comes with day white light (5700K) color temperature that illuminates the space exactly like sunshine.
  2. The Quality of Light: - Color rendering index defines the quality of lighting output. The lighting output is worthless when it's not displaying the original color of the object.
  3. The Angle of Dispersion: - An ultra-wide 120-degree beam angle, lighten up the wider space as compare with the metal halides.
  4. The Amount of Lighting Output: - The amount of visible lighting passes through the light source have been counted in lumens. Make sure that you but less wattage LED Flood Light that offers high lumen output.

These are the features that define lighting diffusion.


We agree that LEDs are more likely to save energy but it is more than that. These above-mentioned features are beneficial to make any LED Flood Light worth to invest.

If you have any query related to the lighting fixture, you can mention it in the comments sections below or contact us without any hesitation.

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